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The Trials & Tribulations of Flying - aka why does flying suck for your body?

1. Dehydration is the primary culprit as we all know. You lose water for every hour you fly. Also, the plane gets drier for every hour you fly. The consequences are:
  • your cells become less efficient - which leads to fatigue;
  • as your cells dry they pull water from your blood, which lowers the amount of blood in your body;
  • that makes it harder to eliminate waste - so you bloat.

2. Pressure - the cabin is pressurised to simulate a pressure of 5 - 8000 ft even though you are flying at x5 that height. This decreases available oxygen, which causes gases in your body to expand and bloat you. Michelin Man time..............

3. Humidity - the extremely low humidity [<4%] on a plane causes a loss of smell and taste - because your sinuses close! So nothing tastes great. The only taste that comes through is salt. So you tend to overeat salty food like the nuts - which makes your cellular water balance worse.

4. Boredom - there really is nothing to do on a flight but eat or drink. And it's really not great for you.

  • Airline food - it's cooked, dehydrated, then frozen. Then warmed up. Not an enzyme or micro-nutrient left in that food.
  • Carbonated drinks make you gassier.
  • Salty nuts and snacks - make you dehydrated.
  • Caffeine - dehydrates you.
  • Alcohol - ditto!