Try to 'Phone a Friend' today

Try to 'Phone a Friend' today

'I had a McMuffin from McDonald's this morning. That's healthy!'

A Caller who shall remain anonymous - He rang to complain that The Raw Smoothie wasn't sweet enough.

It's always a giggle running a health business on so many levels. Some of it is a really funny - like when the caller above rang in to complain. We decided not to publish his name because it was really about the sentiment, not the person.

But we did really find it hugely entertaining that he really believed what he said. And we didn't. Perhaps you agree with him? It's a good time to point out that we are really happy to chat to you, as we were to him, whenever the office is open. Which is Sunday through Friday.

Once you're in our database, we treat you as someone who cares about their health, their looks and their future and we really welcome you in a totally unqualified manner.

What does that mean? It means that we are happy to welcome enquiries and phone calls from you at any time, to discuss any aspect of your health and wellbeing. I and all the members of the Nosh team are qualified by only one characteristic - we really, really care about health, food, nutrition, balance, good music, festivals, sound healing, exercise, raw food......

Well, you get the idea, don't you?

ONE qualification to that - we are very opinionated about what WE believe. That means we each have a view of what and how we think we and you can achieve optimum health.

Do you have to agree with us? No. Heck, sometimes we don't agree with each other [and they certainly don't always agree with me!] But we do have a viewpoint, we do spend time (ALL of us) studying what interests us, we do spend time trying out different diets and forming opinions on what we think. And that means we have STRONG views on WHAT we think and WHY we think it.

For example, Liz Nartey and Naomi Mead have recently been on the 5:2 diet and are discussing that in this week's edition of Living Raw Radio. I am trying out Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook, which I think sounds amazing and really doable. And Tatu Bearcroft our resident Raw Food Chef has been tasting and testing Raw Food dishes to make us all healthy and alkaline for the summer. So what worries you? What do you not 'get' about the latest diet myth? Want an opinion on the latest 'Food Fad'? Give us a call and we're more than happy to chat.