Value Systems

Value Systems

What's your value? So we know that we have values and we know we carry a belief system around that filters our view of life. What we don't know is that when our values and our beliefs clash, we remain stuck in dislike and self-loathing even. We definitely end up with low self-esteem.

It's time for a little bit of work here......

Exercise 1 Write down the 5 values that people around you hold dear. Pick the 5 people closest to you; your parents, siblings, spouses, friends?

Exercise 2 Write down your top 5 values.

Was it a bit of shock to see how close they were? People usually complain at this point: 'But I am meant to have the same value system as my family [friends] aren't I?

Well yes, but how many of those did you actually choose? How many of them did you adopt out of culture, peer pressure and even sheer laziness?

It's time to remember that you are an individual and you are UNIQUE. Your passing through the world has made it different from the rest of us. So don't you owe it to yourself to find out who you really are?

'Developing individuality is a conscious process. It involves deciding who you are and who you are not. We become more distinctive individuals through deliberate discussions and actions, honing and increasing what is different and best about us. Richard Koch 'Living the 80/20 Way'

Of course its important to have values, but why don't you have your own and not somone elses? That would be much easier and a whole lot more FUN! And it would raise your self-esteem, almost immediately.