Do you want to regain a sense of control? - Nosh Detox

Do you want to regain a sense of control?

Any control.

And this is hitting women harder than men because for us, control over our lives, our bodies, our minds is a hard, hard, won freedom.

We still live in days where there is legislation telling us what we can do with our bodies.  We still have countries where systems and structures decide how, when and even with WHOM we are going to live.

Control is hard-won for us as women.

I am here to share ONE big secret with you today, control comes only from within.

Any control on the outside is an illusion.

Think about this, in March of this year in the UK and earlier across Europe and China, our naturally accepted daily choices just ………….disappeared…………overnight.

We couldn't go to work, we couldn’t meet our families unless we lived with them, we couldn’t even go for a walk unless it was for a mandated time.

We essentially were forced, albeit unwillingly initially, into communities that supported each other by staying in our own homes.

So the control we won to work outside the home, to choose how we live, to drive still existed in theory.  But not in practice.

How did that feel for you? Did it feel like the world stopped working?

Did you feel dismay, despair, a sense of destruction?

This week, we’re going to talk about control and how to feel good again. Stay tuned for more from me this week.