Wellness - What Does It Mean?

Wellness - What Does It Mean?

I wonder if I might say a little in favour of detoxing? As many of you know, I moved from the corporate world into the world of detoxing..... and I have to say without a shadow of a doubt that I feel extremely privileged to do what I do each and every day. 


The incredible results I see in peoples' skin, movement, clarity and the speed with which they recover from illness is totally amazing. Breathtaking even. It baffles me that anyone can get so upset about making people feel better! Either you don't think detoxing works and so you don't mind if I try it. Or you do think it works really well and you don't mind if I try it........which do you think? 


People who work in my industry, my team here at Nosh; we concentrate on creating wellness, we treat to achieve wellness and we use the foundation of 'doing a detox' to help people to feel amazing again. Doctors treat illness. They focus on illness, they try to eradicate the illness and that's how they help you to get better again. And they do it very well. But they start from a different premise. Do you see my point? 


Take my QUIK QUIZ - Which Health Type are you?nDo you lean towards wellness or illness? As soon as you feel ill you:
    • You look for a reason to explain it. What have done lately to feel like this?;

    • You take a painkiller, you don't have the time to deal with it right now;

    • You look for a natural solution - something or someone to help you feel better from the inside;

    • You drag yourself into work knowing it'll just be worse if you don't';

    • You don't accept pain, sluggishness, headaches as normal. Your body is trying to tell you something:

    • You make an appointment with a specialist so they can give you an x-ray - in 3 months time.

Mostly odd numbers? Well done - Leaning towards wellness! You have a holistic approach to healthcare and will live longer, have more energy and feel better doing it. 
Mostly even numbers? You are leaning towards illness. Although at least you didn't always ignore the problem. Try looking for a solution within yourself, it'll give you a better perspective on how you operate as a whole person. In my lifetime I am dedicated to creating enough change in enough people, that we will all start firstly, with trying to achieve wellness and only as a second step will we go towards healing illness. Here is a clip of a show I did a few weeks ago on the BBC - defending my position against all comers...Geeta on BBC.