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What did you stop doing when you passed 41?

Have you noticed that age changes your choices? That the choices you made at 21 are just not the choices you made at 31. And wow……….41 is just another ball game entirely!

I was a really happy happy smoker at 21! (Don’t tell my mother!) and I knew it was bad for me and smoked a packet a day. Now I look at people who smoke and think ‘Seriously? Why would you do that?’ (I think my daughter just said ‘Don’t tell my mother’!)

Why is that? Well it’s not just because what felt good at 21 doesn’t feel good at 31 – witness hangovers, waking up with no idea how you got home, not remembering how much you drank the night before (hmmm can you see a theme?)

But even more than that it also becomes true that your bodily functions are just different and changing every single decade.

So what didn’t affect you at 21 – pizza, nicotine, late nights – becomes really impossible to overcome easily at 31 and almost bloody impossible to get over at 41.

And have you noticed that we feel ……….more self conscious as we get older?

A source of pride – I got 4 hours sleep! – at 21 is just not as clever at 41.


Here is what most people stop doing in the 2 decades from 21 – 41:

  • One night stands
  • All night drinking
  • Going to work after 3 hours sleep
  • Multiple partners
  • Pizza every night
  • Taking washing to your mum
  • Living in filth
  • Cleaning your kitchen only when you run out of plates/forks/spoons


What did you stop doing when you passed 41?

Drop me a message back and let me know!!! The best answer will win a prize


P.S. What do you cringe at now, that you did comfortably when you were much younger? Let me know? In a few days I’ll let you in on the biggest, most uncomfortable changes people came back with.

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