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What do you do if you hate water

What do you do if you hate water

Ok let me just put this out there.....I DON'T hate drinking water.

But I am super careful about the taste of the water I drink. For those that say water has no taste - you are so wrong baby!

Thames special tastes very metallic and yucky.

I used to buy Evian and Highland spring etc etc and fill the house with them. But then the whole plastic bottle thing just stopped me doing that.

Step 1

So I experimented with different filters until I got one that made the water taste good. I highly recommend these filters - they're not the cheapest - but they are the best I've found. 

#TopTip - I keep 2 so I've always got enough water for everyone.

Step 2

Now you've got yummy tasting water - flavour it. And NO NO I don't mean with chemical, processed crap. I mean with gorgeous natural flavours like:

  • Mint, Strawberry & Cucumber
  • Pineapple-Mint-Ginger
  • Raspberry-Orange ......and my personal favourite
  • Watermelon-Mint

Make a jug up and keep it in the fridge. Just keep adding water to the jug as it runs out. One batch will keep you going for hours.

Also remember you can create ice cubes with these ingredients too, to chuck into your water (or gin) when you'd like.

Are You At Work?

If you're at work and can't do that, then do this:

Get a 1 L bottle of sparkling water - San Pellegrino is the healthiest.

Pop into your local Starbucks/Pret/whatever and buy any drink with ice in it. (The small version as they are heaped with sugar via the juices they are blended with)

Ask them for a large take away cup.

Back at your desk, tip it into the big cup and then keep topping up with your sparkling water.

Yes it has some sugar and yes its not perfect but honestly staying hydrated is much much more important.

Your body is 70% water. It needs that water replacing all day every day.

Step 3

Sugar (and yes I count alcohol in that) is brutally hydrating.

Double your intake of water when you eat sweet things or drink alcohol.

I hope this is super helpful!

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