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What To Do When You Have A Bad Day

Wouldn't it be nice if every day was effortless?

Unfortunately, bad days happen.

Ever notice that when you have a bad, everything else seems to fall apart?

It feels like it's just one things after another, and the end of the day seems like it's nowhere in sight.

The most important thing to realize when you're having a bad day, is to take a minute and pause.

Take a moment and acknowledge what is going on around you and intentionally change the story of your "bad day".

Ultimately, you have the power to change how you think about any situation, and when you take a minute to step back instead of being "in" it, you can easily change how you're thinking and feeling in that moment.

If for some reason, you find yourself at the end of a bad day and you're still struggling...

Here's a couple of my favorite ways to wash off a bad day:

  • Self love (whatever that means for you)
  • Cuddle up
  • Hot baths
  • Eat food you love (yes, even the ice cream!)

And remember...

Tomorrow is another day!

You get to wake up with a fresh start and set the intention of how you want to feel throughout the day.