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What To Eat When It's Hot

I’ve had so many of you write in to ask what to eat when its this hot so you can stay hydrated and still go training.Living in extremely hot temperatures and still going about your normal day does take some thinking about- particularly as we are not used to these temperatures.I’ve created an ideal 1 day plan which will keep you replenished, rehydrated & refreshed through these hot days...and still let you go about your normal daily life.

Breakfast - have a balanced vegan protein shake made up of your prefect greens powder mix and hemp milk.  I use a tablespoon of Nosh Superfood Mix post training and blend with whatever ripe fruit I have to hand, particularly blueberries, which reduce post workout inflammation.

Snack - melon which is 90% water .  It also replenishes & replaces your glycogen stores quickly .

Lunch - soup contains sodium which is the most important electrolyte to replace. Choose broths or vegetables to round out the nutrients you get.

Snack - handful of any raw nuts.

Dinner - make a salad with romaine, cucumber, raw red or green peppers, lentils, coriander to rehydrate, replenish & refresh. Dress with olive oil, salt and lemon. 

Much love from Cornwall, 

Geeta x