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Why Am I so Scared of Fasting?!

Why Am I so Scared of Fasting?!

One of my very good girlfriends has regularly lamented her lack of courage where it comes to fasts. She's my friend so she trusts me when I say they are REALLY good for her body. But that really didn't help her any. 


She's questioned me up hill and down dale as to what to expect, how she'll feel and what the best and worst case scenario. And even that didn't help her any. She even bought a 3 day trial programme............................and sat on it for days. So that wasn't much help! 


Then she finally went ahead and did one!!! HURRAY! I grabbed her and sat her down to ask her what she was so scared of, what finally made her do it, was it as scary as she thought.............Listen to her experience below.


Click Here to hear what Ros found so scary about fasting and how she found the courage to finally do it!!