Why do you need your stomach to be healthy?

Why do you need your stomach to be healthy?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is - 'Why do you need your stomach, (your 'gut' really in technical speak) to be healthy? Isn't it just for people who need to be thin? I don't have problems with fat or with IBS or with anything like that...'

Or are you the person that does have issues with your stomach and IBS and have given up working out how to 'fix' it. What you have are some fall back remedies that work in the short term to make you feel better now, and deal with the flare up - that help you keep going. 

Importance of a healthy stomach

The body has two brains. [no rude comments about men here please......] - they reside in the stomach and the head.

We are very clearly aware of the one in our head. When our brain doesn't work well, or when we are exhausted we feel terrible. But when your stomach doesn't work, we see it as more of an inconvenience and immediately look for remedies to make us feel better. We take laxatives for constipation. Digestives for heartburn. Aspirin for pain.

However, this approach doesn't take into account the much deeper issue here which is the purpose of a healthy stomach. Your stomach is how your body absorbs nutrients, sorts our waste, and sends nutrients around your body.


Example of how your body and stomach absorb nutrients

nIf you were a car [what can I say, I am a girl that loves cars......] it would be the same as saying your petrol tank had a leak. Your engine oil thingy was blocked so it couldn't move oil around the car and the pumps didn't work or at worst, a flat tire. [my love of cars clearly doesn't extend to the inner workings of them!]

What do you think would happen to your car if that was the case? Well firstly it would constantly need topping up with fuel to work [cravings anyone?] and the inside of the engine would start clanking and scraping because the oil is not acting as an emollient [constipation & IBS]. Eventually, the car would grind to a halt so you could change the tire or it would harm your car irrevocably [headaches, ulcers, immune affecting illnesses].

But when you have a car with a problem, you tend to have it fixed immediately. If someone drove with a flat tyre, you'd think they have a serious problem, wouldn't you? But if someone has a headache day after day, and they take a painkiller, you don't call them stupid, you offer them sympathy.

And how many times have you had an upset stomach, or bloating, or even worse, constipation and it has literally gone on for years and years? In some cases, you have tried to find a solution but since there is no pill to fix this, you've given up?
Does our approach to our health really cause most of our illnesses? How many times have you had something wrong which you've ignored that then came back worse and stronger to bite you in the bum? Has it happened to you? Send me an email at info@noshdetox.com and let me know! I look forward to hearing from you.

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