Why Is Fat Free Food So Bad For You?

Why Is Fat Free Food So Bad For You?

I have looked at low-fat food so many times and thought, this stuff is so wrong on SO many levels. I don't like the chemicals they've used to create the low-fat state - I think the chemicals are worse than the fat; the labels are misleading, and the marketing is misleading.

So, I was utterly thrilled to find a study by Cornell University that showed categorically that if a food is labelled low-fat we eat more of it!

Studies done by the Food and Brand Lab found that putting low-fat labels on snack foods encouraged people to eat up to 50% more than those who saw labels without the low-fat claim.

Seeing the words 'low-fat' encouraged people in these studies to consume 84 extra calories! Why? Because when you see the 'low-fat' label on a product, you automatically assume it has fewer calories by up to 50%!

3 Reasons:

  1. Food with a 'low-fat' label makes people increase their serving size by over 25%.
  2. Foods labelled as 'low-fat' made people believe the food had about 260 fewer calories than it actually had;
  3. All participants said they felt less guilty for eating 'low-fat foods.' Read More here.........