Juice Fasting Benefits for Health

Why You Should Start Your New Year With a Juice Fast

Usually, a new year marks a fresh chapter - the start of something new! And after all of that holiday indulgence, it’s the perfect time to reset your body and your digestive system. This is exactly what a juice fast can do for you.

Unlike water fasts, juice fasts provide your body with energy so you avoid feeling lousy and in a funk throughout your fast. At the same time, a juice fast can reap similar benefits. Plus, who doesn’t like a nice, fresh cup of juice? 

But if you’re debating starting your year off with a juice fast, keep reading! We’ve got five reasons why you should start this new year with a juice fast. 

What is a Juice Fast?

Before we dive into all the reasons why you should try a juice fast, let’s define exactly what this is in a little more detail.

Juice fasts are basically three or six days (sometimes more) where you only consume juice made from fruits and vegetables. This helps detoxify the body and is also a great way to lose weight due to lower caloric consumption. 

 5 Powerful Juice Fasting Benefits for Health

So, what are the reasons why you should try a few days of eating and drinking only juice? We’ve got more than one!

1. It Detoxes Your Body

A juice fast, sometimes called a juice detox, gives your digestive organs a serious break. This is especially important after the holiday season when your body has likely been flooded with an array of different foods and alcoholic beverages. If you’re wondering why you feel off after the holidays, you can probably blame whatever food or indulgences you consumed. Yet, there’s no point in feeling guilty here. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed.

But a juice fast can get you back on track - and quickly! It helps give your liver and kidneys a break, as well as offers up a wide variety of minerals and vitamins helping your body thrive. Further, it can help your body get rid of waste faster, which eliminates toxins and more from disrupting your body’s natural rhythm. 

2. It Doesn’t Have the Same Negative Effects as a Water Fast

In many communities, such as the biohacking community, water fasts are all the rage. While a water fast has its place, it can be particularly tough on the body and even dangerous to a point. Your blood sugar levels drop, leaving you feeling moody, fatigued, and less-than-refreshed.

A juice fast, on the other hand, is a far safer option. It provides your body with stable energy as you go about your day. It offers various sugars, calories, vitamins, minerals, and more, which your body needs to function at its best. This allows you to stay alert, energized, and functional while you fast. Whenever you begin to feel any ill effects, it’s juice time!

 3.You’ll Lose Weight and Feel Great

It’s undeniable; You will lose weight on a juice fast. Why? Because you’re simply eating fewer calories. But at the same time, you may experience mental clarity and feel good - something that many fad diets can’t claim.

You also won’t experience the dreaded sugar or carb cravings because you’ll be getting plenty of these via the vegetables and fruit in your juice. A juice fast also gives your body a major break from toxins, chemicals, added sugars, and preservatives, meaning there’s less standing in your body’s way of functioning as it should. 

 4. It May Provide Pain Relief

How does a juice cleanse do this? There are a few ways!

First off, there are a ton of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants help prevent free radicals from causing damage or harm within your body. In turn, your immune system is calmed and you experience less inflammation.

Second, you aren’t eating any foods containing preservatives, chemicals, and more. These ‘extras’ that our body doesn’t need are completely taken out from the equation. This means less inflammation as well. When your body is less inflamed, you experience fewer aches and pains.

Lastly, your body will generally function better. You’re getting an abundant and concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals. These help your body function at its best.

 5. It’s Affordable

Vegetables and fruits are some of the most affordable items you can purchase at the supermarket. It won’t break the bank. And even if you get pre-made juices, it’s not something you need to do in the long-run. One juice fast a year or every few months is sufficient. 

If you prefer not to make your own (juicing can be a bit of a drag - not to mention, you need the proper tools and appliances to do so), Nosh Detox has plenty of juice fast options for you. From the beginner weight loss fast to a juice cleanse tailored for you, we’ve got everything you need to start a juice fast this new year.

Start gaining all the benefits today and start this year off right.

Not sure if a juice fast is right for you? Contact us today and we can help you determine if this is the right option for your health and your life. We also recommend discussing your options with your doctor before beginning any fast. They know you and your health situation the best and can make an informed decision specific to you.