Would you rather be understood or admired?

Would you rather be understood or admired?

Yes it's a funny question and to some people, they would wonder, why does it need to be asked?


Understood vs admired

After all in a society obsessed with our 15 minutes of fame, what goal do we hold more highly than to be admired? But here's the thing, each one of these simple approaches has a totally different effect on your health, your mind, your life even.

One is stressful and if it's pursued in depth will make you sick, stressed and acidic. And the other is calming, grounding and keeps your body alkaline.

Can you see which is which immediately? Let's look at a comparison.

Take a trajectory which begins with: liking > then respect >> then understanding >>> then admiration and compare it to a separate pathway that starts from seeing you >>>> knowing you exist >>>>> watching you >>>>>> admiring your reach and your audience. it's easy to see that they are in fact separate approaches.



Being admired is totally superficial and dependent very much on how you look, what you are showing and how you come across. Spending time with people who only see you as someone to admire is a very stressful undertaking as you always have to be 'on'. Your behaviour is continuously scrutinised and becomes very draining.



Being understood is based on credibility, knowledge, and a deep clarity on who you are as a person. Spending time with people who see you like this, leaves you feeling calm, grounded, congruent and with a smile on your face. It's very nourishing and rewarding.

We rarely think as adults how people perceive us unless we meet a life changing event, like a tragedy, or a transition of some kind. Moving into a different sphere where we are unknown means we have to reconsider how we come across and how we interact with people.

Although it's stressful to change, take it as a fantastic opportunity to reevaluate how you come across and how you choose to be seen.

It's also one of the fastest, cheapest ways to a healthier, less acidic body and to reduce inflammation instantly. :)