You Think, Therefore You're Sick?  Is it a red Hering?

You Think, Therefore You're Sick? Is it a red Hering?

Today's newsletter is about something really close and dear to my heart - how your thoughts affect your health. My private client work is with people who have really strong emotional blocks and no matter what they do, they just can't shift. Within that area I count people with problems with Obsessive Compulsive behaviours, unexplained Infertility, Fatigue Category illnesses etc. etc. This approach is based on years of learning in Homeopathy and other natural treatments.

Dr Hering, the father of American Homeopathy, discovered 'The Laws of Cure' in the 1830's. He discovered that there was an order in which symptoms should go away from a body in a case of true healing. [Clearly, this law works not only for homoeopathic treatment but also for all other natural treatment options.] The laws say that healing should go in this order:

    • Hering's First Law is 'From within outwards' which means that healing migrates from inside you, such as the emotions to the outermost areas, such as the muscles or skin. Which means that if you treat someone's emotional issues and they then get an old eczema flare up, you are succeeding in helping them.

    • Hering's Second Law is that 'Symptoms appear and disappear in the reverse order of first appearance.'

    • Hering's Third Law is that symptoms show up 'From above downwards' on the body. So if you successfully treat a headache, you can end up with a wrist-ache. And so you move down the body treating each issue as it arises.

QUESTIONS FOR YOU..... If you look back to what you've done when you get ill, do you address the root cause of why you got unbalanced? Or do you address a Neurofen tablet? A successful healing is actually removing an illness from its emotional cause. Suppressing an illness is not healing. It's just moving it about your body to a problem for another time. How often do you suppress an illness so you can deal with it another time?