Your physical body is everything. - Nosh Detox

Your physical body is everything.

The really important thing that your gut does is that it affects how you feel.   Your gut ultimately has its own brain that speaks to the rest of your body.

And how you feel impacts the WHOLE of your life.

When you’re feeling frustrated, not connecting properly with your success, aren’t  able to get done what you want to get done, or simply feel better no matter what you’ve tried, and it feels like your life just isn’t working…

The place you should start working on is your GUT.

Because that is the core issue of everything that is not working.

How do you know if your gut is not working properly?

Your body is always talking to you and will show MANY symptoms.

I’ve broken down how your unbalanced gut could be showing up as symptoms in the graph below:


The problem is that we try to fix these symptoms but we aren’t actually dealing with the root cause: THE GUT!

If you’ve tried everything under the sun and these symptoms are still holding you back from living your best life, you have LEAKY GUT my friend.

Leaky gut has a double negative in that not only is the digestive lining compromised but normal absorption of foods is also impaired. Nutritional deficiencies could arise as a consequence of the damaged villi in the small intestine that are responsible for absorbing the nutrients from foods e.g. vitamins and minerals.

In addition there are numerous food sensitive issues related to leaky gut and this has been attributed to the particle digested particles of nutrients which find their way into the bloodstream and this causes an allergic response. This allergic response does not necessarily mean that you will break out in a rash all over and these food sensitive issues are a major warning sign that can lead to everything in the above graph.

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