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Colourful Fruit Popsicles

These look great, are still raw so you get all your vitamins and minerals. Are so easy to make a child can do it. 1. Cut up your favourite fruit in large chunks. 2. Place them into popsicle makers ...

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Ask The Nutritionist - Suffer from recurring chronic sinusitis?

Q: Hello Angie, I have had recurring chronic sinusitis for the last ten years, it is very painful and I cannot seem to get rid of it once and for all. I am unsure as to why I have it or how I can g...

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Test Your Acidity

Life is so strange, we service our cars, change the oil, flush the engine and generally ensure that everything is maintained nicely so that it works. Why don't we do the same with our body? It is s...

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Ask The Nutritionist - Avoid Dairy!

Q: Hello Angie, I am a 29 year old woman with facial spots! What could be causing them, please? Suzie B A: Hi Suzie, Two large controlled trials found that cow's milk increased both the number of ...

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Mushroom & Cinnamon Delight

Quick and easy, great for summer or winter! Mushrooms are very low in calories, high in potassium and high in copper, both minerals have cardioprotective qualities. Due to mushrooms inhibitory acti...

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Raw Butternut Squash 'Rice' Salad

Fabulous taste and texture, not to mention the vibrant colour! Butternut squash has been said to help balance blood sugar levels as well as being absolutely full of the antioxidant, beta-carotene, ...

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Cannellini Bean Salad with Rocket & Parsley Dressing

Protein rich and full of flavour!nAvocados are known as a superfood for a number of reasons, the wonderful Vitamin E and the good fat content are the ones I will focus on...and great for skin and h...

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10 Things a Nutritionist Never Tells You

1. A cheeseburger does not suddenly become good for you just because it has a limp lettuce leaf stuffed in the middle of it. 2. When we say eat a healthy salad we really, truly don't mean take some...

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Endive & pomegranate salad

This is a liver loving recipe with the sulphurous endive and the super pomegranate both support liver detoxification as well as a great source of fibre and anti-oxidants.nThe apple cider vinegar he...

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Mushroom, Chickpea , Parsley and Spring Onion salad with Tahini dressing

Mushrooms and Chickpeas are full of protein and fibre.The apple cider vinegar helps to regulate the body's acid levels and there have been claims that it supports the liver too. Unbelievably easy t...

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Why Am I so Scared of Fasting?!

One of my very good girlfriends has regularly lamented her lack of courage where it comes to fasts. She's my friend so she trusts me when I say they are REALLY good for her body. But that really di...

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Butternut, Coconut and Ginger soup

An awesome, warming yet fresh soup with lovely flavours to excite your palate.nButternut Squash has fabulous levels of Vitamin A which plays a key role in eye as well as skin health and raising you...

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“I used balance sheet technique - and now feel wonderful about food after years of counting all my macros. There is no restriction and now I’m allowed to be happy and eat with my family. Now I’m more relaxed, I’m enjoying food and I'm eating when I’m hungry.” Belinda Gunter


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