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Conscious Leadership in Times of Turbulence

In times of turbulence it can be hard to see the way clear to your success - let alone anyone elses. If everyone around you is feeling uncertain and uncomfortable for whatever reason - b...

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The Balance Sheet Technique - 6 Easy Steps to a Healthy Week

We've been trained to think that the 'best' way to eat is to count and control every mouthful you eat.  Work out your macro's, calculate your calories, minimise your carbs, cut out your fat. If you...

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Fat Does Not Make You Fat - Vegan Keto Works

Do you find that you eat breakfast and your are starving within a few hours? If you are like any of our clients this is what you hate the most about dieting! The sheer bloody hunger we f...

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How To Create Success

Do you ever think about how you create your success? Men and women approach success very differently. Men who are successful at work - go forth on the premise they are successful people....

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Does our Digestion Injection Work? [Case Study]

The best part of my job is when I run into clients who think that they have tried everything - and they know that nothing works! But we've been doing this for years and I know that when ...

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Is Confidence better than Perfection?

Does that sound like a funny question? The thing is that social media has created an environment where women are under more and more pressure to look perfect all the time. If you are posting part...

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Can you be Vulnerable and Strong?

As young girls growing up, we are taught above all to behave, to be nurturing and pleasing to those around us. We are shown again and again that the most important thing is to stay quiet, and SMILE...

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Have More Impact

My daughter asked me last night what I thought success was. And I explained to her that the measure of success is actually very personal - because we use it to define ourselves. For me, being succe...

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How Do I Be More Positive?

With the darker weather and shorter days coming in, it really affects our mental health. And it makes it much easier for us to feel down and just a lot more ........sensitive? Stuff you ...

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Our brains will do almost anything to prevent us from committing...

Let me know if this sounds like you... You're so busy doing things that it's hard to pull up out of it and look at the big picture... you are so busy at work and the need to plan the ne...

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Vegan Pesto with 'Zoodles' - low carb, high fat Vegan Keto Meal

A great dinner recipe which is super easy to make and only takes a few minutes. Although the noodles don't last too long, the pesto does go for a few days in the fridge and tastes bette...

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How Much Fat Should I Eat Per Day? Part II

A fabulous and easy recipe to try for breakfast - a low carb, high fat recipe from our VeganKeto Online Course. This literally takes minutes to make, it leaves you full for 4 hours and i...

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“I used balance sheet technique - and now feel wonderful about food after years of counting all my macros. There is no restriction and now I’m allowed to be happy and eat with my family. Now I’m more relaxed, I’m enjoying food and I'm eating when I’m hungry.” Belinda Gunter


Do you obsess about food and cheat by skipping meals? When you do finally eat do you feel guilty? Do you end your day exhausted by all the choices? Download the Balance Sheet Technique TM to take back your power immediately: