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Christmas Roasted Plums

8 Benefits of Plums: Good for healthy digestion Protects your heart Fights against diseases like cancer Prevents diabetes Increase bone strength Few calories  Plums fight breast cancer cells Incr...

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The Benefits of Superfoods | Nosh Detox

Superfoods are exactly what you think they are. Foods that are super! These foods are packed with many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to you and your overall health. There are superfoods...

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Ginger Carrot Immunity Boosting Soup

Carrots and Ginger are two vegetables that provide you with great benefits. The most important benefit is on your immune system. These vegetables are rich with vitamin A and C. Vitamin A allow fo...

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The Benefits of Chia

 Chia seeds have recently become a staple ingredient for healthy living. Believe it or not, these tiny seeds come from the desert plant, Salvia Hispancia (Grown in Mexico) where Chia means 'Strengt...

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Do You Suffer From Vitamin B12 Deficincies?

People most likely to be B12 deficient? People with  a poor functioning digestive system, vegans and vegetarians as well as adults 51 and older can be at greater risk of B12 (usually due to a co...

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17 Natural Techniques to Boost & Energise Yourself

1. Balance Your Blood Sugar LevelsEvery time we eat the levels of sugar in our blood rises - and gives us energy. The more sugary the food the higher and faster the blood sugar level will ...

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Super Baobab Brew Recipes.

Baobab has so many benefits. It’s a marvelous Super Fruit that’s high in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and potassium. It’s 100% Natural and Organic making it extremely N...

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What is Baobab – The Super Fruit from ‘The Tree of Life’.

In a dry and arid climate where little plantation can thrive stands the baobab tree. This tree that has been a symbol of life in the African landscape for more than 200 million years and has been a...

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A vegetarian diet has several benefits when properly balanced and nutrient dense. However, just because a diet is “meat-free” does not necessarily mean it is healthy. Benefits can be negated when a...

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How Do I Detox My Liver? And Why Would You Detox Your Liver?

The number one question I am asked at the end of summer (and every major holiday season!) is: "How do I Detox my Liver?" even though we may not know why we need to do this, somehow we all have an i...

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Is Happiness A Lost Skill For Successful People?

                  Does anyone else find it annoying when people tell you to chill? Or even worse to relax? and to take time off? I appreciate I may not be the easiest person to deal with but I am ...

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1 Day Sugar Free Challenge

1 Day Sugar Free Challenge How many times have you heard from not only me but also other health advisors that sugar is bad for you? Hundreds of times I’m guessing and yet we still consu...

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“I used balance sheet technique - and now feel wonderful about food after years of counting all my macros. There is no restriction and now I’m allowed to be happy and eat with my family. Now I’m more relaxed, I’m enjoying food and I'm eating when I’m hungry.” Belinda Gunter


Do you obsess about food and cheat by skipping meals? When you do finally eat do you feel guilty? Do you end your day exhausted by all the choices? Download the Balance Sheet Technique TM to take back your power immediately: