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At Nosh, we have an infusion clinic where we offer Intravenous therapy or nutrition. IV therapy involves feeding vitamins, minerals and other natural substances directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This results in a rapid therapeutic response which means you will see a more youthful appearance to your skin and stronger, healthier nails in no time! In our Nosh IV drips the highest quality vitamins and minerals are added to a solution containing the same salt concentration as our blood. 
    • Fitamin Booster Infusion - Nosh Detox
    • Fitamin Booster Infusion

      THE MOST POPULAR IV DRIP! Immune Boosting. Energy Surge The Fitamin Booster drip provides a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help support and strengthen the immune system. An ideal solution if you’re surrounded by illness, and can’t afford the time to be caught by a cold! The health benefits of vitamins include...

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    • Immune Booster Injection - Nosh Detox
    • Immune Booster Infusion
      A rapid immune booster straight into your bloodstream

      There is a barrage of things that affect the level of nutrients in our body, and therefore the strength of our immune system. Our body uses antioxidant vitamins to boost the immune system, warding off toxins, pollutants, viruses and bacteria on daily basis. When our immune system is weak, we...

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    • Skin Lightening Infusion - Nosh Detox
    • Skin Lightening Infusion
      A course of skin lightening infusions over days or weeks

      A course of skin lightening infusions over days or weeks. We use glutathione for our skin lightening infusion which is administered by our qualified nurses through an IV drip. We also combine the infusion with Vitamin C to make it even more powerful and effective. The skin lightening infusion helps cellular...

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    • Oligoscan – Instant Mineral and Heavy Metal testing - Nosh Detox
    • Oligoscan – Instant Mineral and Heavy Metal testing
      Includes a report and recommendation report

      Oligoscan – Instant Mineral and Heavy Metal testing including measurements of trace elements and oxidative stress. A rapid and pain-free analysis without taking blood. Simple use – the measurement is taken directly by a portable spectrometer connected to a computer. Certified technology – the technology is based on spectroscopy. Quick...

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    • High Dose Vitamin C Infusion - Nosh Detox
    • High Dose Vitamin C Infusion
      One drip that aids cellular regeneration, glowing skin& boosts immunity

      Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic Acid is one of the primary building blocks of the body and all its cells. It aids cellular regeneration, glowing skin, and boosting immunity. Vitamin C, although available in many forms, has the greatest effect when it’s fresh. This is why drips work so...

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    • A Clinical Check Up Before Your Infusion or Injection - Nosh Detox
    • Vitamin Profile Blood Test Before Your Infusion or I...
      A Clinical Check Up Before Your Infusion or Injection

      Have you had an infusion or injection before? Well, they are extremely helpful when you know what infusion you need to put your body at optimal health. Infusions and injections can help you bring your body back into balance but taking more than you need can be bad for your...

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    • Rehydration Infusion – Hydration from Within - Nosh Detox
    • Rehydration Infusion – Hydration from Within
      Replenishes your electrolytes, and flushes out toxins so you can reach your optimum level of health

      More than two-thirds of the human body consists of water. We require water for almost every function within our bodies, from flushing out toxins to digestion. We lose water every day in the form of water vapour in the breath we exhale and in our excreted sweat, etc. When we...

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    • Glutathione Miracle Infusion – Fountain of Youth - Nosh Detox
    • Glutathione Miracle Infusion – Fountain of Youth
      This test provides a powerful tool for the detection of adverse reaction to food and additives

      Glutathione is an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea, and is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by toxic free radicals. Our bodies are assaulted with toxins through what we eat, what we do and it is bombarded by our living environment...

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    • The Love Infusion 💜 Sale
    • The Love Infusion 💜

      Discover our Valentine's day inspired infusion - it's literally LOVE, drip by drip!  3 Steps to getting the Lovin' right................ Step 1 - Don't miss date night! Vitamin C is known to strengthen your immunity, repair and protect your liver and start you thinking super clearly! Step 2 - Feel great...and...

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    • Thyroid Function - Nosh Detox
    • Thyroid Function
      Thyroid function tests are the most commonly used endocrine test. Underactive thyroid is commonly undiagnosed by doctors

      Thyroid function test – What is tested: Free T4 Free T3 TSH Thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and tri-iodothyronine (T3) are produced, stored, and secreted by the thyroid gland. These hormones play a major role in multiple biological and metabolic processes. The hormones act by binding to thyroid receptors that are...

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    • Test and a Personalised Drip - Nosh Detox
    • Personalised Drip - Pic 'n Mix
      Personalised treatment – for your body!

      Personalised treatment – for your body! A Personalised Drip is an all in one health filled injection and drip that attacks everything. It can be taken to treat weight loss, increased heart health, hormone balancing, cardiovascular health and more! This all-inclusive infusion includes L-Carnitine, Glutathione, Collagen. The ultimate booster! Test and a...

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