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The Love Infusion 💜

98% of nosh detox clients reach their goals
  • Is made up of Vitamin C, Glutathione and Magnesium.
  • Boosts your Immunity.
  • Improves and brightens skin.
  • Reinvigorates your muscles
  • Perfect for date night

Have a date night coming up? Feeling a little nervous, excited, not prepared? Trust me, I completely understand these feelings. That’s why we created our Love Infusion to help with all of these date night side effects and to get you going for your big night out!

Our Love Infusion is perfect for that special date night you have coming up! It’s made up of vitamin C, Glutathione, and Magnesium.

The Vitamin C will help your immune system, repair and protect your liver, and help you to think clearly for those intimate conversations!

The Gluthione will brighten and lighten your skin, reduces puffiness, and can even slow down the aging process. Now that’s a date night glow!

The Magnesium will reinvigorate your muscles and help you to calm those pre-date jitters.

Come in to Nosh Infusion Clinic, take a break, chill out and relax. Let our trained nurses put you at ease so you can feel excited and prepared for your date night!

If you’re struggling to work out the best solutions or infusion for achieving your desired health and wellness goals painlessly and effectively then reach out, i’d be happy to assist you further because our goal is helping you to reach yours!

With love,

Geeta Sidhu-Robb. x

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400 King's Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0LJ

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Mon - Fri: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Every second Saturday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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We are unable to provide any intravenous treatment if you have not had food or drink within the last 3 hours before your treatment. We reserve the right to refuse your treatment until you have rectified this or issue a refund if preferred.

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