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Diet and Detox Infusion/Weight Loss Booster

98% of nosh detox clients reach their goals
  • Lose weight and feel great.
  • Improves your GI.
  • Kick start your metabolism.
  • Boosts your energy levels.
  • A fast painless and effective treatment.

Are you on a diet and still struggling to lose those excess pounds with little to no success? Everyone gets to a point in their weight loss journey where they just seem to plateau or ‘hit a wall.’ Sometimes we can get caught up in our lives with work, providing for our families, cooking, cleaning… the list goes on, but this can take a toll on our bodies.

What we need when we are experiencing a plateau in our health journey is a kick start. Our bodies get accustomed to what we’re doing and eating and sometimes it seems like no matter how well we stick to our diets; the weight just wants to stay. Well, we have good news! There is a fix to your problem.

With our Diet and Detox Infusion/Weight Loss Booster you can finally break through that wall and continue on your journey to health. Our booster will help to kick start your metabolism and help your body to burn more calories. Don’t give up on your weight loss journey just because you hit a wall. Come in to Nosh Infusion Clinic and try out our Weight Loss Booster! We promise it will be worth it!

  • We are able to send London deliveries on a next working day delivery.
  • London Deliveries are between 6pm – 11pm SUN / MON / WED / FRI.
  • UK Mainland Deliveries are between 8am – 6pm TUE / THURS.
  • You can select your date of delivery on the basket page to your convenience.
  • You will receive an email on the day of delivery for confirmation.
  • We will call you on Day 1 & Day 3 so you can ask any questions.

Nosh Detox will be responsible for return shipping charges of the defective product and shipping charges of the replacement product shipping within the UK. Items determined not to qualify for an exchange will be returned at the owner’s expense.

We understand life can be busy and you can be anxious to get started on your programme, therefore express delivery is available on request. Please call the office on 0203 697 1366 before 12 midday to check availability and price.

 Nosh Infusion Clinic London Address

400 King's Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0LJ

Opening Times

Mon - Fri: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Every second Saturday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Contact Details

0203 697 1366

We are unable to provide any intravenous treatment if you have not had food or drink within the last 3 hours before your treatment. We reserve the right to refuse your treatment until you have rectified this or issue a refund if preferred.

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