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Skin Lightening Infusion

A course of skin lightening infusions over days or weeks

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A course of skin lightening infusions over days or weeks.

We use glutathione for our skin lightening infusion which is administered by our qualified nurses through an IV drip. We also combine the infusion with Vitamin C to make it even more powerful and effective.

The skin lightening infusion helps cellular health, detoxes the body and eliminates any toxins in the liver. Not only will it make your skin more radiant, but it will also minimise illness and increase the lifespan of your body’s cells. After a series of treatments, a lighter fairer skin tone may result.

What are the benefits?

Lighter skin tone

Evens skin-tone

Eliminates hyper-pigmented skin

Suppression of acne

Enhanced immune system

Eliminates wrinkles and line

Reduces fatigue


*Prices vary depending on dosage if you've had your first 3 infusions please contact us on 0203 697 1366 to book your fourth plus infusion

Skin Lightening Infusion Therapy Duration: 40-60mins

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