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Vitamin D Injection

Vitamin D is important for many functions in the body

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Vitamin D is important for many functions in the body.

These include:

  • Regulating calcium metabolism
  • Regulating calcification of the bones
  • Regulating the body’s use of phosphorus (a mineral that is important for bone structure)
  • Increasing the absorption of calcium from the gut
  • Decreased excretion from the kidneys
  • Assists with depositing minerals into the teeth
  • Maintains healthy blood levels of calcium and phosphorus
  • Helps maintain nervous system, heart function and normal blood clotting. As these points show, Vitamin D is vital for assisting in the role of calcium in the body. In fact, regardless of healthy levels of calcium in the body, if we are deficient in Vitamin D, calcification of our bones will be insufficient. This role is especially important for children and menopausal women.

While functionally it is more like a hormone than a vitamin, the term ‘Vitamin D’ actually refers to several related vitamin & variants, and its formation requires more participation from the body than any other vitamin does.

Vitamin D is often called the ‘sunshine’ vitamin as it is produced in the skin upon contact with the sun’s ultraviolet light.

The sunlight interacts with a form of cholesterol called 7-dehydrocholesterol, which is then transferred to the liver or kidneys where it is converted to 25- hydroxycholecalciferol, a form of Vitamin D.

This end product, however, is not the most active form of Vitamin D. Yet another conversion must take place, this time in the kidneys, before the most active form of Vitamin D – calcitriol, or Vitamin D3 – is achieved. However, during times of insufficient exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays (which can include Winter time and foggy periods but can also be a concern for people who spend the majority of their time indoors and for people with darkly pigmented skin), production of Vitamin D is reduced.

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