You're so predictable. Every day, you run out of steam, lose juice, or otherwise hit the wall at nearly the exact same times. Keeping your energy up is a hard task especially when you have a busy life and lack the nutrients to keep you going.

Maybe you don’t have time to focus more on your diet but need to up your nutrient levels. Our vitamin drip energy solutions can help revitalise you in a small amount of time.

IV Drips are administered intravenously, directly into the bloodstream, so the benefits of the nutrients are felt in minutes, giving you a burst of energy that you can’t get through food.

    • Fitamin Infusion - Nosh Detox
    • £199.00
      Fitamin Infusion
      An ideal solution if you’re surrounded by illness, and can’t afford the time to be caught by a cold!

      We live extremely busy lives, complicated by excessive stress, illness or nutritional deficiency that continuously deplete the nutrients in our body and lower our immune system. Nosh has created a remedy for this The Fitamin infusion drip contains a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help support and strengthen...

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