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Weight Loss

Use the table below to find the right product for your weight loss goals:

Weight lost goal & Programme 0 KG 1 KG 2 KG 3 KG+ 7 KG+
Juice fast: 3-7 days no no yes yes yes
Beginners Juice fast: 3-7 days no no yes yes no
Red Carpet Cleanse: Personalised no yes yes yes yes
Super Green Cleanse: 7-31 days no yes no yes no
Raw Wheatgrass: Daily no yes yes yes yes
Colon Cleanse: Daily yes no no no no
Body, Smooth & Tone: Monthly no no yes no yes
5:2 Weight Loss: Monthly no yes no no yes
Alkalise Balance & Cleanse: Monthly no no no no yes

I want to lose weight! Yes you can…… lose 3 – 5 pounds even if you have a ‘Slow Metabolism’ or you are over 40.

Are you tired of going to the gym, trying every new diet that comes out, counting calories until you are scared to eat any more? We know that we are all human. Yes we like to go out, yes we like to eat in restaurants, yes we like to drink alcohol from time to time. We live busy, stressful lives and cannot spend every day feeling guilty and ashamed for just eating.

The constant struggle to lose weight stops here. Don't do it any more. I have spent over 8 years working with tens of thousands of clients and every single one of them has lost weight. Not only that, the majority of them have consistently kept that weight off. Not only that. The majority of them have embraced easy tools that help them to go on holiday, eat, drink and relax and then come back knowing that they can pick a programme which helps them get back to fitness.


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