Weight Loss

Use the table below to find the right product for your weight loss goals:

Weight lost goal & Programme 0 KG 1 KG 2 KG 3 KG+ 7 KG+
Juice fast: 3-7 days no no yes yes yes
Beginners Juice fast: 3-7 days no no yes yes no
Red Carpet Cleanse: Personalised no yes yes yes yes
Super Green Cleanse: 7-31 days no yes no yes no
Raw Wheatgrass: Daily no yes yes yes yes
Colon Cleanse: Daily yes no no no no
Body, Smooth & Tone: Monthly no no yes no yes
5:2 Weight Loss: Monthly no yes no no yes
Alkalise Balance & Cleanse: Monthly no no no no yes

I want to lose weight! Yes you can…… lose 3 – 5 pounds even if you have a ‘Slow Metabolism’ or you are over 40.

Do you struggle to lose weight?  Have you given up hope of eating normally again?

Do you worry that you can't eat less than you already do, and its still not working?

Are you working hard, really busy, with excessive stress and often eating on the go?

Your lifestyle can mean you are not meeting your body's nutritional needs.

When its not in balance, it cannot work well.  Everything that used to work for you will not now work.

The first step is refuelling your system so your body can work well again.

When it does it gives a boost to jumpstart your weight-loss process.