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VeganKeto Online Course

VeganKeto Online Course



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This course is for… 
Women struggling to lose tummy and thigh fat for years
Almost all of the clients we've had in the door in the last 5 years complain about what is known as 'stress fat' in the industry. Stress does cause an increase in your blood sugar levels not matter how much sugar you actually ingest. And what's worse it causes a pooched tummy and even thick thighs. And no exercise will shift it. 

Women who suffer from bloating
Bloating is seen as the holy grail in health and wellness. The one thing that has no one answer to solve it. Its a combination of lifestyle and eating habits. But what everyone agrees on is that we don't and haven't eaten enough fat for years. And fat is a vital part of getting your hormones to work efficiently as its the carrier for moving hormones around your body.

Women whose hair and skin just doesn't look like it used to
It’s never too late to have glowing skin and abundant hair. It just isn't true that you as you get older your hair gets thinner and your skin gets wrinkled and dry. No matter your age, VeganKeto can help.  

Women who want to…  
    •    Have a flatter stomach
    •    Lose a lot of weight
    •    Stop bloating
    •    Look and feel good
    •    Restore confidence in your food choices
    •    Get glowing skin
    •    Feel empowered & in control  

The VeganKeto Program will help you feel confident, make good food choices, and give you control over your eating habits again.

With Love,

Geeta Sidhu-Robb x

This proven food & lifestyle program is for women who want to give up bloating, lose weight effortlessly and learn a new way to feel confident with their food choices and eat easily and effortlessly

Watch this video to learn more about this best-selling program:

Get over £2,600 worth of coaching, with lifetime access and full support—for a fraction of the cost!

Sign-up today and get instant access to the following:

Videos from Geeta welcoming you and explaining how to get the best results from the program

A very personal video introduction from Geeta explaining exactly how to follow the program at the correct pace for your own body and needs… and how NOSH is going to help you get it back!

7 Modules of a journey through the most knowledgeable, easily to implement and comprehensive membership site imaginable

Seriously, when you log-in for the first time, you’re not going to believe the ease, the quality, the sheer value on offer inside VeganKeto

The Core Phases of Understanding How To Create Ketosis

Super clear, jargon-free modules to understand how to eat Keto and how you can look, feel and function better. Get empowered to heal as you learn how to control your own appetite.

Eating VeganKeto on The Go

Worried how you'll manage this whilst travelling or working? We know how you live and how busy you are dealing with everything else in your life. Eating Keto should not be restrictive or destroy your social life. We help you understand how to live normally whilst eating like a Pro! Eating in restaurants? No problem. Want a 'real' drink? We’ve got you covered. Full explanations of the choices you can make at every step are covered.

Personal Program Hub

Track your progress in real time in your personal program Hub which remembers your progress at each visit!

Transcripts and Worksheets

Download the PDF transcripts and worksheets for each video so you have access offline and on the go. (£150 value)

VeganKeto Cookbook

The menus, inspiration, images and nutritional know-how you need to help you balance your hormones, prevent excess fat storage, get a flatter tummy, more energy, and a healthier lifestyle. The VeganKeto programme is a complex programme created by Nutrionists, Health Coaches and Professional Chefs so you can do this programme at home, easily, without having to hire your own team. (£390 value)

Lifetime Access

Instant online access to program content with no expiration date. Clear instruction and guidance enable you to progress through your own individual journey. You access all your content via our membership site.


Ask questions and connect personally with the trained and qualified Nosh Detox Team for additional support and encouragement throughout your journey. This level of access and support direct from the Nosh team is worth £000’s!

Before & After

We’ve made it easy to get the results you want.

How much is your self confidence worth?

Isn’t it crazy how we women spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on clothes, accessories, shoes… without investing in our own health?

Now is the time for you to invest in yourself.

How much would you spend to:

Have a flatter stomach?

Lose weight?

Get rid of your pot belly?

Look and feel good?

Get a smooth, svelte body?

Gain sexual confidence?

Feel confident about your body ?

But you can get the full Nosh Detox VeganKeto programme for the introductory offer of just:

£49 GBP.

7 Value-Packed Modules – with no expiration date – to get you the body that you feel truly confident in and the food planning skills you have always wanted!

So try VeganKeto now, risk-free…

1. How do I access the course?

You will receive an email with necessary details to access the course.

2. What If I don't receive it?

Check Junk email to be sure alternatively contact us at or call us at 02036971366 and we will assist you.

3. Is it a digital course or physical?

It's a digital course which you can access, complete and carry anywhere you like.


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We will hold your order for 12 months, should you wish to postpone or suspend your order. You are able to exchange your original programme ‘days’ remaining to any other Nosh Detox Programme - subject to any price changes and the higher price will be charged.

You are also able to transfer your programme to another name, should you not wish to continue.

Remaining programme days are not exchangeable for cash or similar.

Any changes to your programme (delivery address, delivery date, food dislikes, substitutions, etc) will need to be sent in via email at least 48 hours before the original delivery date.

Infusions Rescheduling & Refund Policy 

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