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Every day, we eat things we shouldn’t and come into contact with all sorts of toxins without even knowing it. We are not designed to deal with this sort of overload and we can become backed up. Our bodily systems then start to fail and we get ill. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quite suddenly. Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO and founder of Nosh Detox Delivery

Our Philosophy

We help you look good and feel better. I created a unique 3 step process creating wellbeing:



We effectively profile your health issues.



Personal, bespoke nutritional programmes created just to help you.



We deliver your diet programmes, supplements and therapies directly to your homes or offices around London, the UK and Europe.

Are you sick and tired of always being tired? Do you find that whatever you do, you can’t actually find a solution to your health problems? Does everyone always tell you the same thing that will magically make you ‘lose weight’ and yet none of it seems to work for you? At Nosh we are a multi-award winning team of dedicated, experienced Health Professionals spanning the range from medical to alternative nutrition. Whatever your problem, we’ll try and find the most natural, effective, speedy pathway for your recovery.

Wonderful Facts About Nosh

ALL our food is DAIRY and GLUTEN free.

All our food is sourced every day at market and cooked daily and is seasonal.

We NEVER rotate menus as it enables bulk buying of food – we would rather make less profit and provide more nutritious, fresh food.

This also enables us to create PERSONALISED menus for specific health problems as each person's nutritional requirements can be very different.

We also have standard programmes immediately available.

We need 2 days notice to start you off and many times less if you become a regular client.

Our freshly-made products (NOSH Meals & NOSH Juice Fast) are available all over England and Europe.

Author, Speaker, Coach, CEO & Founder Nosh Detox

Geeta is an incredibly captivating speaker. Her down to earth nature makes relating to her conversation effortless. Through-out her 60 minute talk the room was filled with much laughter and even more countless moments of enlightenment. Geeta points out simple and convenient everyday solutions for improving health, and her helpful advice is relevant to all. LenaiDespins, Partner Liaison Manager, Quintessentially

Nosh was founded in 2008 as a result of spending years fighting my son’s multiple food allergies and anaphylaxis as a baby. During his first 18 months, we spent over 260 days in hospital with him. My work as a Corporate Lawyer had to stop so I could focus on caring for him. I really couldn’t find anyone to help me so I developed my own solutions using nutritious, balanced meals, alternative therapies and natural supplements. Using just these natural methods I completely cured his eczema [and he was covered in it from head to toe!], reduced his asthma to an intermittent event and am now the proud mother of a child primarily allergic to homework!

Along the way, I took 3 years to qualify as a Raw Chef, a Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist. I hope that my story provides you with the inspiration to change your own lives as it's changed so many of my clients' lives.

My gratitude for my life’s work fills me with an unceasing drive and knowledge to learn more and understand more of the body’s workings. I am so proud that Nosh is today the only company in the world that helps out clients in the way that we do it.


We have worked with


Our Awards


Global Woman Awards Nominee - Geeta Sidhu-Robb
Food & Juice Company of the Year – Global Insight Awards
Food & Juice Company of the Year – Global Insight Awards


Champion of Women Awards – Geeta Sidhu-Robb
Entrepreneur of the Year – London ABA
Champion of Women Awards – Geeta Sidhu-Robb
Entrepreneur of the Year – London ABA


‘Healthy Food & Drink Award (Silver) – Smoothie – Health & Fitness Magazine


‘Healthy Food & Drink Award (Silver) – Smoothie – Health & Fitness Magazine
‘Best Health Supplement- Winner’ Nosh Raw Booster Sachet – Beauty Shortlist
‘Best Healthy Food Bar – Runner Up’ Nosh Raw Energy Bar – Beauty Shortlist
‘Great Taste Award’ 1 Star – Nosh Raw Fruity, Melon, Mango & Passion Fruit
‘Great Taste Award’ 1 Star – Nosh Raw Fruity, Carrot, Apple & Orange


FDIN Innovation in Packaging Award – Nosh Detox
‘Businesswomen of the Year’ – Geeta Sidhu-Robb
‘Best New Health Food or Beverage Award – Finalist’ Gulfood


‘Best Innovative Beverage Concept – Finalist’ – DrinkTec


‘Innovative Health Product of the Year – Silver’ – The Raw Smoothie


‘Employer of the Year – Geeta Sidhu-Robb British Asian HAFTA Award
‘Businesswomen of the Year’ – Geeta Sidhu-Robb
‘Best Detox in London’ Evening Standard


'Entrepreneur of the Year' - Geeta Sidhu-Robb
'Best Service Business' - Nosh Detox


‘Best Diet Delivery’ Zest Magazine


‘Best Detox’ Vogue Magazine

Food Programmes

Nosh Detox delivers individualised fresh made meal programmes directly to your doorstep. These programmes are designed to help you reach your goal, whether it is to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or stick to a strict diet.
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Juice Programmes

Nosh Detox creates blended fruits, vegetable and superfoods as a complete cleanse and juice fast, to help you become healthier, more energised and aids in weight loss. Delivered to your door fresh within 48 hours of ordering.
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IV Drips is an immediate way to make an improvement on your health. With an infusion clinic based in London, Nosh Detox can offer a range of drips to feed vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances to boost your health.
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Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO of Nosh Detox is a transformational whole-life wellness coach. If you’re feeling exhausted or in need of taking control of your habits, health coaching can create the life you’ve always aspired and wanted.
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