Deal Closing

Deal Closing Support

Deal Closing Support is focused on the times during the year that employees are in even higher stressful and intense situations than usual. These can be when a deal is live, when a case or deal is closing, gearing up to a launch/special important event, during IPOs and take overs etc. During these times, it is essential that the involved executives are eating nutritious meals and at regular intervals as it is usually during this time that individuals have the least time and focus to think about food and nutrition.

Nosh Detox can provide meals and snacks that encourage brain activity, enhance clear thinking, provide energy and nutrients in order to elevate team productivity, efficiency and ensuring optimal performance levels when it is most essential.

Nosh provides one or an effective combination of the following:

  • Cold pressed Nosh Raw juices
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinners as well as snacks
  • Vitamin infusion/drips
  • A mix of the above delivered for ultimate performance
  • A Nosh Centre set up in one of the boardrooms for the duration needed

Prices start at £50 per person for all juices and food. Vitamin drips and infusions are additional and start at £99.

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