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Are you sick and tired of always being tired?

Do you find that whatever you do, you can’t actually find a solution to your health problems?

Does everyone always tell you the same thing that will magically make you ‘lose weight’ and yet none of it seems to work for you?

At Nosh we are a multi-award winning team of dedicated, experienced Health Professionals spanning the range from medical to alternative nutrition.

Whatever your problem, we’ll try and find the most natural, effective, speedy pathway for your recovery.

I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU: What is your ultimate health goal?


“I want to detox & cleanse” – Juice Fast and Nosh Luxury Detox Box
“I am keen to Lose Weight” – Juice Fast OR BST programme
“I want to Feel Better” – Nutritional Consult, Fat & Sugar-free programme, Alkalize Box
“I am always Bloated” – Beat the Bloat box, and ABC programme
“I have no Energy” – Vitamin Sachets, Raw Bar, Vitamin Test, Weekend Detox

Wonderful facts about Nosh

ALL our food is DAIRY and GLUTEN free.
All our food is sourced every day at market and cooked daily and is seasonal.
We NEVER rotate menus as it enables bulk buying of food – we would rather make less profit and provide more nutritious, fresh food.
This also enables us to create PERSONALISED menus for specific health problems as each person's nutritional requirements can be very different.
We also have standard programmes immediately available.
We need 2 days notice to start you off and many times less if you become a regular client.
Our freshly-made products (NOSH Meals & NOSH Juice Fast) are available all over England and Europe.


Within the M25, we deliver Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, and delivery charges are applied based on your post code.

Outside the M25, we can deliver 3 days or more at a time; please click on the drop down menu on the shop page for an exact amount payable for your delivery. Also, our ‘Outside the London M25 Area’ are delivered only from Tuesdays & Thursdays and have delivery time options for either before 10am or before 4pm (rates vary per delivery option).
We can only accept payment in GBP, all non-GBP currencies will be converted at the current market rate.

As every programme is hand-made to order, we need a minimum of 48 hours to dispatch your order ( the office hours – 9:30am – 6:00pm). For example, an order placed on Monday at 5:59pm will be sent out Wednesday at the earliest, and one placed on Monday at 6:01pm will be sent out on Thursday at the earliest.

We understand life can be busy and you can be anxious to get started on your programme, therefore express delivery is available on request. Please call the office on 0203 697 1366 before 12 midday to check availability and price.

You are able to book in your delivery up to 6 months in advance.