Juice at Work

Juice Fridges at Work 

Everyone needs a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up, especially when in a busy, fast-paced work environment. Nosh Detox can support you in your small but significant daily efforts to provide employees with healthy alternatives. With a selection of delicious cold pressed juices and food available, employees have a healthy and nutritious alternative to reach for in times of energy lows.

Juices to chose from are :

Nosh Raw : Strawberry & Orange or Raspberry & Pear & Apple or Melon & Mango & Passion fruit & Pineapple or Carrot & Apple & Orange

Nosh Raw Veggies : Spinach & Avocado & Mango or Kale & Celery & Banana & Mandarin or Courgette & Pineapple & Mint or Broccoli & Parsley & Avocado & Peach

For an additional power boost, Nosh Superfood Sachets are also available for stocking.

Prices for stocking juices start at £9.52 per case of 8 bottles.

* should a fridge not be part of your work environment, Nosh can loan one to you!

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