The awards Nosh has received since 2008, serve as recognition of the company’s innovative products in the Health and Food industries. Innovative, best detox, best health, and best service are some of the terms frequently used to describe Nosh Detox’s excellent products. After being in business for almost a decade, Nosh has been awarded over 15 times for having not only the healthiest but most delicious products on the market. 

Throughout the years that we have been in business, we have become experts in our craft and developed food and drink programmes that have proven results.  We provide all of our clients with the freshest and healthiest products available. 

Nosh has revolutionised the health industry with its infusions, detox programmes, and innovative cold-pressed juices.  These feats have been acknowledged by a variety of professionals including Health & Fitness Magazine, Vogue, the Evening Standard, and much more. With each passing year, our products get better, and we continue to get the recognition that we deserve.

2016 ‘Healthy Food & Drink Award (Silver) – Smoothie - Health & Fitness Magazine
2015 ‘Healthy Food & Drink Award (Silver) – Smoothie - Health & Fitness Magazine
2015 ‘Best Health Supplement- Winner' Nosh Raw Booster Sachet – Beauty Shortlist
2015 ‘Best Healthy Food Bar - Runner Up’ Nosh Raw Energy Bar – Beauty Shortlist
2014 FDIN Innovation in Packaging Award – Nosh Detox
2014 ‘Businesswomen of the Year’ – Geeta Sidhu-Robb
2014 ‘Best New Health Food or Beverage Award – Finalist’ Gulfood
2013 ‘Best Innovative Beverage Concept – Finalist’ – DrinkTec
2012 ‘Innovative Health Product of the Year – Silver’ – The Raw Smoothie
2011 ‘Employer of the Year – Geeta Sidhu-Robb  British Asian HAFTA Award
2011 ‘Businesswomen of the Year’ – Geeta Sidhu-Robb
2011 'Best Detox in London' Evening Standard
2010  ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ – Geeta Sidhu-Robb
2010 'Best Service Business' – Nosh Detox
2009 'Best Diet Delivery' Zest Magazine
2008 'Best Detox' Vogue Magazine