Nosh Detox Corporate

Nosh Detox was set up to curate health for a very specific strata of society. The high-performance individual. We’ve found that they are the people who need most help as they live complex lives and are health & fitness conscious. Why? Because they want and need daily doses of energy, mental stamina and every advantage they can get both internally and externally.

My background as a corporate lawyer exposed me to an environment where much is asked in terms of behaviour, efficiency, delivery. And yet I clearly saw that those who were in better health performed consistently higher than those who weren’t. Healthier people are generally more successful, clearer thinkers, more focused and better implementers. So I wanted to create a solution that wasn’t present for me in my role.

Our growth as a company has been phenomenal over the last 7 years, as we cater to a need that exists and get phenomenal results.  Our clients range from celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, the Spice Girls to athletes such as Guinness World Record Sailor Hannah White, to corporate clients such as Miss Selfridge and Swarovski’s.

And as a company, we deliver individual, customised solutions directly to our clients, gaining outstanding and long lasting results. We are spread across the UK having clinics in London, Newcastle and Guildford.  In 2015 we opened our first USA office in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.

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