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Health is Wealth talks and seminars

At Nosh Detox we believe that Health is Wealth. Wealth in terms of quality of life, professional success, personal happiness as well as financial wealth.

With health, wellness and nutrition being a hot topic for 2016, companies are increasingly looking at interesting ways to engage their employees in wellness initiatives.

Health is Wealth talks and seminars are hosted by Nosh CEO Geeta Sidhu-Robb for a group of individuals ranging from intimate sessions to sessions comprising of larger numbers.

There are different topics and health areas that are addressed, and these can be tailored to corporate direction/needs and run as a series for a minimum of 6.

A sample of topics covered:

  • Female Breadwinners – the issues facing women today
  • The 50-curse – how to reverse this 21st-century problem
  • How to survive the Closing Deals
  • Combatting the Brain Drain Diet
  • The consequences of living and working with stress
  • The importance of Happiness – achieving a happy work-life balance
  • Brain Power Enhancing Foods

Interested in this service?

If you are interested in this or any of the other services provided by Nosh Detox please do get in contact. We can bespoke any of our services to your needs and would love to be able to help with any of your questions or queries.

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