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Choose the right path for you

It’s time to enjoy eating again. It’s also time to give up guilt and shame around food and to rebalance yourself to feel in control again.

All our plans are freshly made and delivered to your home throughout the week. Looking for a fast, effective solution? Do a Juice Fast.

Do you workout and want to keep eating and get healthier? Choose a food plan for Portion controlled, balanced prepared food delivered to your door.

Feeling run down, tired, irritable? Get an IV Drip for instant help.

Juice Fasts

Raw unprocessed fruits and vegetable include pulp and fibre helping you feel full longer
Large 500ml bottles replace meals
Ideal for weight loss
Detoxifies, re-energizes and improves sleep
Resets cravings and appetite

Food Programmes

Resets your body, helping you lose weight and restores energy levels
Reduces excess belly fat and stabilize frequent weight fluctuations
Natural,organic & healthy
Freshly prepared with NO added sugar or preservatives
High fibre for cleansing, detoxification and cellulite reduction

IV Drips

Supports detox by providing right balance in your system
Provides body with necessary fuel to be balanced and release toxins
Boost energy levels, rehydrate and boost metabolism
Improves vitamin intake by 99.99% in comparison to oral supplements
Fast, painless & effective

Wonderful Facts About Nosh

ALL our food is DAIRY and GLUTEN free.

All our food is sourced every day at market and cooked daily and is seasonal.

We NEVER rotate menus as it enables bulk buying of food – we would rather make less profit and provide more nutritious, fresh food.

This also enables us to create PERSONALISED menus for specific health problems as each person's nutritional requirements can be very different.

We also have standard programmes immediately available.

We need 2 days notice to start you off and many times less if you become a regular client.

Our freshly-made products (NOSH Meals & NOSH Juice Fast) are available all over England and Europe.