Thyroid Healing

Are you suffering from feeling fatigued even after sleeping 8-10 hours a night? Do you find yourself needing to nap during the day because you’re feeling tired and sluggish? Feeling unrested could have an affect on your cognitive processes or maybe, you’re gaining weight and/or weight loss resistant and everything you’ve tried or are trying diet or health wise isn't working?!

Do you find yourself feeling tired throughout the day regardless of how much sleep you get the night before? Or do you wake up energized, but by the middle of the day you feel like you need a nap just to get through? Do you feel like you can’t focus
This could be down to your thyroid function - It’s one of the BIG three hormones that can have a dramatic impact on your metabolism, cholesterol and insulin.

What is the thyroid gland?

It’s a small gland in the base of your neck, it’s responsible for creating the thyroid hormone that’s distributed throughout the body within your blood. It controls your metabolism and metabolic efficiency in many ways and changes as we age.

How thyroid problems can affect us woman.

Around 1 in 8 women will develop thyroid problems within her lifetime causing:

Problems with your menstrual period - Your thyroid controls your menstrual cycle, too much or too little of the thyroid hormones can control how light, heavy or irregular your periods may be; this can also lead to an early menopause.  

As you can imagine, if you’re having problems with your menstrual cycle this would also affect your ovulation which can make it harder for you to get pregnant.

Are you suffering, feeling or experiencing any of the following:

  • Do you feel cold when others don’t?
  • Joint and muscle pain or weakness?
  • Suffering from constipation or bloating?
  • Weight gain or weight loss resistance?
  • Have you found your hair to be dry and/or is thinning?
  • Are you suffering from more than usual menstrual bleeding?

These are common symptoms that your thyroid might not be functioning how it should be to make sure it’s important to get the relevant thyroid testing.

How you can help eliminate thyroid problems/reduce symptoms through your diet:  

As touched upon above your thyroid affects your metabolic function, cholesterol and insulin so one simple and effective change you can make to your life would be your diet!

Finding out exactly what you’re made of is super important for your ongoing health and wellness. We would recommend undergoing necessary testing to find out if you have any hidden food intolerances that may be aggravating your thyroid problems for instance, foods from the soy and broccoli family are known to cause thyroid dysfunction as does gluten and lactose.

Thyroid-Boosting Foods

There are many foods you should consuming to boost your thyroid functions such as; Omega 3 fatty foods like fish, especially salmon because it provides the body with a natural source of iodine, omega 3 and vitamin D.

Your thyroid also loves Vitamin A so remember to eat your vegetables and salads containing carrots, dark leafy greens, mustard greens and peppers etc.

Supplement Support

Here are some supplements you should be taking to help boost your thyroid functions:

  • Iodine
  • Omega 3 from fish oils.
  • Vitamin A & D
  • Zinc
  • Selenium

The important thing to remember is that even in the toughest of thyroid problems, it’s possible to heal your thyroid and that we’re here to help you along that journey to ensure you get the best natural solutions though your dietary, nutrient and lifestyle factors. The frustrating thing is that healing your thyroid can be a ‘trial and error situation’ so it’s super important to stick at it, don’t give up, and work closely with your health professionals to find the best solution that works!