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Weight loss is about finding a healthy way to fuel your body so that everything in your body is working properly and at its highest potential. As we already know, every person is different in their own unique way. Different shapes, sizes, genetics, backgrounds, interests, lifestyles, everything. When we start to focus on ourselves personally instead of the general weight loss fads covering the internet, we will start seeing real and lasting results.




It can be a daunting feeling wanting to lose weight and not knowing where to start. Of course you’re going to start googling “how to lose weight” and searching through endless articles and programs about fad weight loss techniques that usually won’t work and if they do, they will only work for a little while. The thing with the generic “how to lose weight” programmes is that it’s the same program for every single person that tries it, and that’s just simply not how weight loss works.


I know you’re probably thinking “It’s easy for you to give out all of this information, but you don’t understand MY body.” Trust me, I understand that every person is different and has their own struggles to deal with. I understand the feeling of running around in circles trying to find answers to better yourself, but it’s like your body is fighting against you. I understand wanting to give up, wanting to just accept that this is the way I am and I will always be this way. I really, truly understand. But this thought is simply not the truth. It’s a natural reaction for us to want to give up after time and time again falling short of our goals. Everyone experiences this feeling at some point, no matter what the goal they’re trying to achieve is.



But how do so many people get past these mental blocks and continue on to reach their goals? The answer is simple. They change their mindset. When we’re constantly feeling like we can’t do it, like being healthy and happy just isn’t supposed to happen for us, like other people have it easier and that’s why we can’t be as happy or healthy as them we lose focus of ourselves and put the focus on other people. This is the WORST thing to do when it comes to becoming healthier and losing weight.



Becoming healthier is a decision for YOU. No one else. Once you come to this realization, your entire mindset will change. Once you want to eat healthy because it will make YOU feel better, once you want to exercise because it will improve YOUR life, once you want to get more sleep because it will give YOU more energy, you shift from a negative view of weight loss to a positive view. Once you make the decision to do something about your health so that you can finally live the way you have always dreamed of, the goal suddenly feels achievable. The journey feels less like a child hanging on you constantly demanding your attention and turns into an exciting peek into a happier and healthier you.



Just for a second, stop thinking about how you’re going to manage packing a healthy lunch for work instead of going the the corner shop and getting a pre-made meal, stop thinking about how you’re going to have to create a whole new grocery list and actually cook, stop thinking about how you may have to miss out on a few nights out to eat with your friends, stop thinking about the foods that you love and are going to have to give up.



Clear your mind of all of these thoughts shooting through your head convincing you that you can’t do it, that you may be able to do this temporarily but you’ll end up giving in, that you don’t have the self control to cut out certain foods from your life, maybe that you have tried to become healthy and fallen short so many time that you feel as though you don’t even care about yourself enough to stick to it.



These thoughts are all self criticizing and are never actually the case. Our brains are so much more powerful than we give them credit for. The more we speak these negative things about ourselves into our lives, the more we start to believe them. The more we believe them, the more they start to show in our actions. The more we act on these beliefs, the more habitual they become. And the longer these habits continue, the more these habits become our reality. It’s an endless cycle of self-doubt bringing us nowhere near where we want to be.



Instead, think positive thoughts. Speak positivity into your life. Even if you don’t believe yourself at first. Visualize your goal, visualize your journey, and visualize reaching your goal. ACTUALLY reaching your goal. What does it feel like? Do you feel happy and healthy? Do you feel energized and motivated? Are you truly proud of yourself? Do you feel a new excitement for life?



Tell yourself you can do it. Tell yourself you want to do it. Tell yourself that nothing and no one needs to come before your happiness. At the end of the day, you will always be you. Your job will still be there. Your family, friends, coworkers, whoever, will still be there. Your life is not going to completely fall apart because you have finally decided to do something for you. You are not being selfish for looking out for yourself and seeking out a better life. In reality, the opposite of all of your fears will end up happening. When you are happy and healthy, your relationships improve, your work ethic improves, and your view on life improves.


If you think you might have difficulties rewiring your brain to think positively instead of doubting yourself, watch our video about Rewriting the Rules - Make One Small Change


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Whether you feel you need a whole 180 degree turn around, or just a step further in the right direction, you’re seeking out answers on how to start that journey. And that’s already step one in the right direction. Forget everything you’ve read on those typical weight loss blogs, or those Pinterest “lose 20lbs in a week” fads. They are all designed to force your body into an unnatural and unhealthy weight loss. These diets will only give you a temporary drop in weight, but will ultimately not last. This is because you are not actually feeding your body what it needs, you’re just dropping your calorie intake which will initially result in your body shedding weight but will slow your metabolism as a result. Once you finish this short term diet and begin upping your calorie intake back to normal where you don’t feel like fainting because of the lack of nutrients, your body will hold on to the fats in the food you’re eating in fear that it will not receive enough nutrients to run properly. This leads to more fat storage in the long run and ends up bringing us right back to where we started.



So where should you start?



First, get a good understanding of your current overall health. Learn about your body, and your body only. You need to learn what you’re eating that you need to cut out of your diet. You need to learn what nutrients you’re lacking and need to receive more of. You need to learn about how much stress you have in your life and how to manage that stress. You need to learn about your sleep patterns and how you can get the right amounts of sleep for your body. Ultimately, we all need to learn how to care for our bodies instead of fighting against them. At the end of the day, this is the body we will have for the rest of our lives, we may as well start to enjoy it.



Once you have a good understanding of your body and your health, you can take steps forward accordingly.



Read below the different steps you can take towards your weight loss goal according to your current position:


Do you feel like your body is full of bad toxins and you can’t take a step forward without releasing those toxins? You might feel trapped in a lifestyle full of bad habits that feel impossible to break. The best way to break food addictions is to cleanse the bad foods out of your body so that you can get a fresh start on you new, healthy diet. If this is the case for you, then a Detox and Cleanse is the right step for you. Learn about our different detoxes and cleanses here.(link to detox and cleanses product descriptions)


Do you think you’ve been going in the right direction, but feel stuck behind a wall you can’t seem to break down? Do you feel like you’re eating correctly, but your body is resisting the weight loss that should be occuring? Usually when this happens, we are missing key nutrients in our diet that our body needs to function properly. If you feel stuck in your weight loss journey, then a Personalized Diet Plan is the perfect way to find the nutrients you’re lacking and add them into your daily diet. Learn about our many diet plans and which one is right for you here.(link to diet plans product descriptions)


Do you feel like you’re eating all the right foods with all the right nutrients but you still feel like you’re lacking something? Maybe you don’t feel energized, maybe you can’t sleep properly, maybe you feel bloated. Sometimes, even if we believe we are receiving all the nutrients we need solely through our diet, the balance and amount of these nutrients are not correct for our body. If this is the case, the best step for you is the find the right Supplements for you so that you can receive the correct amount and balance of nutrients you may be lacking. Learn about our different supplements here.(link to supplements product descriptions)


What if you know you’re doing every one of these steps right? You’re eating healthy, you’re getting all the right nutrients, you’re exercising, you’re sleeping enough, and for some reason you still feel stuck. Usually, when we’re doing everything right and not seeing the results that we should be seeing, there’s something wrong internally. If you’re in this situation of being stuck with nowhere else to turn, then a Vitamin Profile Blood Test, Thyroid Function Test, or Mineral and Heavy Metal Test might be a step in the right direction for you to target an internal issue and treat it directly. Learn about our many different testing options here.(link to tests product descriptions)


As all of these options will help you to take steps in the right direction, it also helps to educate yourself on your symptoms and understand the things that may be causing them in order to fully eradicate the problem.


If you feel like you are constantly bloated and no matter what steps you take, the puffy, tummy stretching feeling seems to never fully go away; read our article on Bloating here.


If you are constantly feeling tired and feel the need for a nap even after a full nights sleep, having problems with digestion, experiencing poor cognitive behavior, or having oral or vaginal infections such as thrush; read our article on Candida here.


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If you are suffering from weight gain or weight loss resistance, feeling cold when others are not, irregular menstrual bleeding, dry or thinning hair, or uncontrollable fatigue; read our article on your Thyroid here.


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