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Alkaline Diet - Festive Plan - add 2 Extra Days

Alkaline Diet - Festive Plan - add 2 Extra Days

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£68.00 £84.00

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No regrets for this festivity! Feel free to celebrate! This plan helps to stay up to the healthy standards no matter the parties. This Alkaline Festive Plan has been designed by Nosh to create some diet rules during the day and give you the chance to chose what you like for your dinner.


Don't give up your detox during the festivity.


So, what does this programme include? 

First 3 days - liquid based diet containing juices, smoothies, and soups 

Sample Menu: 

Breakfast – Oats, banana and almond milk smoothie.

Mid-morning – My Superfood Smoothie

Lunch – Butternut Squash & Coconut Milk Soup

Mid-afternoon – Avocado Caprese 


Remaining 4-days - full of fibre with raw foods until 4pm 


Sample Menu:

Breakfast – Homemade Granola with Almond Milk

Mid-morning –  My Superfood Smoothie

Lunch – Courgetti with Pesto

Mid-afternoon – Spirulina Yogurt


1. What will I receive with this detox?

You will receive the breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and mid-afternoon snack. This programme gives you the opportunity to have the dinner of your choice with friends and family. 

2. Can I have tea/coffee on the detox?  

Yes you can, but only 1 a day and without any dairy milk or sugar at all.

3. Do I have to cook anything?

No, we send you everything totally prepared.  You only need to buy in water to drink.

4. Can I exercise whilst on the detox?

We do not recommend doing hard cardio on any detox.  It is time for your body to rest and restore.  However gentle exercise is SO good for you. By this we mean walking, cycling short distances, yoga, gentle stretching.  This movement aids the detox and helps you to get your lymphatic system moving. 

5. Can I freeze the food?

 Yes as all the food is freshly made just prior to delivery you can eat it for 3 days and then you can freeze any food after that.  Just remove from the freezer and pop into the fridge the day before and it should be ready to eat when you want it.

6. What can I drink on the detox?

No alcohol as your body is trying to detox!  You can drink water, mint tea, herbal tea, hot water with or without lemon.  

7. What do I do if I get a headache?
This is less common than you think.  Start with more water.  The second step is to add more salt to your system. Sprinkle some salt on a cucumber, celery, or carrot stick and eat that, it should help immediately.

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This item can only be purchased in combination with the 3 day or more Juice fast programme.