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  • Educate and support clients to achieve their health goals
  • Broken down into 3 steps of Mind/Body/Spirit
  • Support your motivation to ensure great degree of success
  • Helps you change your relationship with food and fatigue
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Foundation, Focus, and Flow

Welcome! I’m Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO of Nosh Detox and transformational whole-life wellnesscoach.

Are you exhausted but wondering how much moreyou’ll have to give for it to ever be enough?

Do you long to feel energetic and joyful? To stop living life in black and white and finally begin experiencing it in full color?

Are you ready to take control of your habits and be fully empowered to create the life you’ve always wanted?

As a single, professional mother of 5children, I know firsthand what it’s like to have several plates spinning and to feel that if you pause for one moment, one or all of them will come crashing down. But what if I told you that you didn’t have to slow down or sacrifice your inner drive to experience true peace and balance?

Yes, you CAN create a level of alignment and flow that will allow you to get more done, create more momentum and become more powerful in your own life.

I’m here to guide you through a three-trimester process, developed specifically to create real and lasting change.

  • • In the Foundation trimester, we’ll nourishyour body and create healthy habits that will give you sustainable energy, focus, and drive.
  • • In the Focus trimester,we’ll tackle your mindset, assessing and unlocking the areas where you’re stuck and creating confidence, clarity, and joy.
  • • In the Flow trimester,we’ll address your sense of purpose and soul’s yearning. We’ll develop muscles for gratitude, forgiveness, dreaming, and hoping, ultimately crafting your life of purpose and alignment.

If you’re ready to go from survivingto thriving and want to create a powerfully aligned life, I’m here for you.

Health Coaching Testimonials

  • Lyndsey Harrison, Make up Artist Made in Chelsea, TOWIE

    “I originally went to Geeta with the objective of losing weight. After sitting down and talking to Geeta for an hour I realised that my weight issues are psychological and that small steps with the right support were going to change my bad habits for life.

    For me this was so refreshing and reassuring to know I have someone there guiding me every step of the way, reassuring me if I slip up, its fine, my weight loss will continue and not only that I’m actually hugely improving my health.

    During my consultation with Geeta I realised some of my health complaints I have just put down as ‘normal’ for me and they’re not. I saw improvements in my health within two weeks of following Geeta’s very simple personalised plan. I’m now on the next phase and looking forward to the rest of my journey with her. I have complete confidence in Geeta, she is excellent and caring about your personal goals.

    Before seeing Geeta I had tried several diets and vitamins etc to help my health complaints and weight, some had worked in the short term but I would always go back to my old ways. This feels like an achievable life change. I feel in control which is a wonderful feeling!

    I have already recommended this to friends and family who wants to transform/get well/be happy/ and have more energy.

    It’s not easy to break bad habits and sometimes we do just need support. I couldn’t recommend this enough, give it a go you won’t be disappointed. It will be the best change you have ever made.”

  • Melanie Seymour, Blackrock

    “Working with Geeta has been an enlightening experience for me because it made me take a step back and evaluate me as a person rather than me as a commodity which I hadn’t realised I needed to do before.

    I now understand the importance of what I put into my body and how I look after myself in relation to how effective that makes me in all aspects of my life. I now feel that juggling many balls is easier because I can compartmentalise them and hear my body when it tells me to put one down.

    I would recommend Geeta to anyone who wants to increase their energy, optimise their performance and generally live a happier more fulfilled life.”

  • Julia – Founder of Julia Brendel Ltd

    “Working with Geeta was a life lesson experience for me because it gave me a new perspective on health and wellbeing of myself and my family. It gave me a new perspective and understanding of dealing with difficult situations which I couldn’t see before.

    Now I feel that I have new tools and completely different approach to problematic situations. It made my life and therefore the life of my whole family, healthier, easier, more energetic and happier. I wake up with a big smile on my face.

    I would recommend this for someone who wants to get out of a vicious circle and wants to feel more in power and in peace with him/her. My transformation just happened and I am still in the process of becoming the best version of myself. As a wife and a mother I can honestly say, the transformation benefits all of us on many levels. All thanks to Geeta’s amazing skill, intuition and kindness.”

  • Erin McEachren

    “From the first session, Geeta worked to increase my confidence and performance both personally and professionally. I felt she immediately understood me, and the challenges in the corporate world and together we worked to gain clarity, insight and focus on how I can get the most out of life.”

  • Gabie Speed

    Over the Summer I tried the Nosh ABC Diet Detox with fantastic results both physically and psychological speaking. However, I knew the hardest bit was yet to come - keeping the weight off. At 23 years old, I have spent the past five years battling with my physical appearance. Despite short spells of “looking the part”, I was taking all the wrong routes to get there which inevitably meant I put all the weight back on and sometimes more. As I never felt in control of my weight, I was scared that the results of Nosh would not last.

    I emailed Geeta voicing my worries and she responded by offering me a free nutrition consultation. Geeta and her executive assistant, Jade, were extremely accommodating when finding a date and a time that suited. I really felt as though Geeta took me seriously and genuinely wanted to help alleviate any fears.

    The consultation itself was great - Geeta was so supportive, encouraging and forthcoming with advice. However, the most important thing she taught me is that Nosh is not about following a litany of dietary rules (something I had always done in the past with little success). Instead, Nosh is about having the freedom to make choices. How do you achieve that freedom? Eat as many colours as possible, eat as varied a diet as possible and do not worry about portion size. What a relief!

    Two months on from the initial detox, I have kept the weight off and even lost more. The most surprising thing is that it has been so easy to keep it off and stay feeling energetic, healthy and happy. All I do is nourish my body with the food it actually needs to work at its best. No calorie counting, no restricting, no bingeing. I now have that “freedom” to actually enjoy food and live life as a normal 23 year old, without anxiety. I am now a completely different person and I can’t thank Geeta and the Nosh programme enough!

    Thank you!

About Geeta

I’m Geeta Sidhu-Robb.

I began my work as a health coach in 2008 shortly after I founded my company Nosh Detox, but my journey to this work hasn’t beenan easy one.

During the early nineties, my property developer husband and I made a fortune from London's property boom. We had several cars--including two Ferraris and two Bentleys--an eight-seater private jet, and an eight-bedroom Chelsea home on the same street where Jemima Khan now lives. We had it all.

But in 2002,everything changed. Our firm was placed into administration with debts totaling more than £2 million. We were evicted from our home and our marriage fell apart. At my lowest point, I was forced to call a friend and say, “We have nowhere to live.” I’d lost everything, including people I thought were friends. I sold jewelry. The kids had to share a bed and I was on the sofa. It was incredibly difficult.

Determined to overcome these dire circumstances, I began looking for a job while teaching up to 18 yoga classes a week for children. I saved every penny and used it to build myorganic food and juice programmedelivery business, Nosh Detox. I also found work as a corporate negotiator for a telecom company.

I have a saying: “Change is inevitable, suffering is optional. Anything is possible. If you can see it, you can do it; if you can dream it, you can make it happen."

This philosophy has guided my path. Going from a career as a corporate lawyer to starting a health and nutrition company from scratch came with significant challenges. I took on these challenges headfirst with the hope of providing not only myself and my children with a more balanced life, but to provide my clients with guidance and encouragement as they began their journey to a healthier, happier life as well.

My gratitude for my life’s work fills me with an unceasing drive to learn more and gain a deeper knowledge of the body’s workings. Within 3 years, I became qualified as a Raw Chef, Health Coach and Nutrition Specialist and I’ve since provided thousands of clients with the guidance and support they needed while embarking on their health journey.I hope that my story provides you with the inspiration to change your own life as it has for so many of my clients.

I know that it’s not always easy to change your life, but it’s infinitely better to make positive changes voluntarily before a massive personal or health crisis forces you into it.

It’s time to find a new way to think. There’s a way out of this old way of being. If you’re ready to go from surviving to thriving and create a powerfully aligned life, I’m here for you.

There are four different ways to work with me.
Learn more to decide which one is the best fit for you:

9 Month Group Program

(waiting list only)

My 9-month group program is built specifically to birth a new you. The program is divided into 3-month trimesters, focused on Lifestyle, Focus, and Flow.

The program includes:

- Support throughout your journey, as you’re cheered on by both me and your peers

- Private Facebook group access

- 1 group call per month

- Q&A sessions in the Facebook group

- Ongoing feedback and interactions

We’ll address:

Lifestyle - Learn how your plate should look, take a nutritionmasterclass, establish a nutritional balance sheet and learn how to accommodate travel or changes to your routine

Focus - Understand and develop muscles for gratitude, forgiveness, dreaming and hoping. Learn exercises to quiet your mind and build rituals for everyday.

Flow - Understanding abundance, financial literacy and the flow that comes from it.Unlock your pathway using my unique fingerprint exercise, understand your gifts and visualize your life of purpose and alignment.

Fill Out an Application Now

21 Day eProgramme

The Smart-Sexy-Strong 21 Day eProgramme

Being disciplined, eating healthy, consistently exercising, and gaining self-confidence can be hard to achieve. This programme provides you with tips, tools, and videos to help you get unstuck from your old routines and become an active participant in changing your life.

Within 21 days, you’ll feel as confident in your body as you do in your mind.Become the smart, sexy and strong woman you want to be for this coming summer.

This course was designed for those who are:

- Ready to love your body

- Ready to feel strong

- Prefer to work at your own time and your own speed

- Happy to have a resource you can refer to time and again

- Ongoing feedback and interactions


Fill Out an Application Now

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching creates personalized changes, allowing you to incorporate it into your own individual lifestyle so the changes become long term habits and solutions.

- 6 month program

- 45 minute call every two weeks

- 12 total sessions



Reset and Shift!

If you’re ready to create an immediate shift and want a whole-life solution NOW, a VIP Day is right for you. We’ll create a dedicated, personalized, focused deep-dive experience, focusing on achieving your lifestyle goals within a designated period of time.

You’ll receive undivided time to engage and get real results, immediately.We’ll work to understand your blocks, create a customized health plan, and map out your success strategies for the year. You’ll learn how to eat, shift your mindset, and create lasting, whole-life changes.

$2100 Skype VIP Session |$5000 in person



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