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Juice Fast 2 Extra Days

Juice Fast 2 Extra Days

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£79.00 £110.00

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Raw, Unprocessed, Handmade, Fresh Blended Whole Fruits Juice Diet.

“#TheEliminator @noshdetox this awesome army of antioxidants have sorted me right out of afternoon dip” @TheMiniPost

“Day 1 of @noshdetox. Have had refreshing lemon ginger, tasty rehydrating juice & just had the eliminator greens, mango, berries#delicious“ @TinaKeeble

“I loved your 3 day juice cleanse! I feel so much better and my skin feels better! Thanks #noshdetox“ @jamielloyd

BENEFITS of our Famous Nosh Juice Fast

Raw, Unprocessed, Handmade, Fresh Blended Whole Fruits Juice Diet.

Benefits include:

  • You maintain high energy levels – all the juices contain fibre and fruit pulp which takes the body hours to break down;
  • Helps your body go back to its natural balance by detoxifying and cleansing from inside out;
  • Increases the metabolic rate, so helps to digest food quickly and eliminate waste material deeply;
  • The juice diet retrains your body and improves your overall dietary patterns;
  • No more cravings. You cannot do a juice fast and crave anything sweet straight after.
  • Weight loss of 5 – 6 pounds within days for most people
  • Release of toxins to enable cleanse on the programme
  • Weight loss continues after the programme ends because you reset your body and eat healthier food.

Items on sale cannot be combined with any other offer.

This item can only be purchased in combination with the 3 day or more Juice fast programme.

1 Lemon & Ginger Tonic – Kick-start your digestion in the morning and release toxins to start weight loss.

4 bottles of Raw, Fresh, Unprocessed, Natural Blended Fruit Juices (500ml) – speed digestion and cleanse.

We also offer personal support to help your weight loss journey included in the programme – Via telephone or email from our health coaches.

The Nosh juice fast diet delivers over 2 litres of blended fruit and vegetables to your door. With superfoods added to each and every bottle.

You receive 5 juices every day for as long as you are on the plan. Each juice is rich in fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and assists your body in detoxing and allows weight loss to occur naturally within days.

Why? Because when you drink only juice and stop fad diets, it allows for weight loss of up to 5 to 6 pounds within a week.

When your body gets a rest, it starts to release toxins and rebalance itself so you lose weight naturally.

Do you get hungry? For most people no! They find that because the fibre is blended in with the fruit, they are full for much longer than they imagine.

Please note: that everyone has a different metabolism. Going on a juice fast does aid weight loss and speed up the process of regeneration and rejuvenation.

1. Can I have tea/coffee on the detox? 

Yes you can, but only 1 a day and without any dairy milk or sugar at all.

2. Can I exercise whilst on the detox?

We do not recommend doing hard cardio on any detox. It is time for your body to rest and restore. However gentle exercise is SO good for you. By this we mean walking, cycling short distances, yoga, gentle stretching. This movement aids the detox and helps you to get your lymphatic system moving.

3. What happens if I get hungry?

These juices are very, very, filling as they are over 2kgs of fruit, veggies and supplements added.  But if you do get hungry drink some water first and then eat a raw vegetable like a carrot or cucumber.

4.How long do they last?

As the products are freshly made and organic they can last up to 3 days in the fridge from when you receive them. We strongly suggest to freeze the ones you know you won't have within the 3 days.  

5. Can I freeze the juices?

Yes as all the food is freshly made just prior to delivery you can drink it for 3 days and then you can freeze any juice after that. Just remove from the freezer and pop into the fridge the day before and it should be ready to drink when you want it.

6. What can I drink on the detox?

No alcohol as your body is trying to detox! You can drink water, mint tea, herbal tea, hot water with or without lemon. 

7. What do I do if I get a headache?

This is less common than you think. Start with more water. The second step is to add more salt to your system. Sprinkle some salt on a cucumber, celery, or carrot stick and eat that, it should help immediately.


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