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The Love Infusion 💜


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Discover our Valentine's day inspired infusion - it's literally LOVE, drip by drip! 

3 Steps to getting the Lovin' right................

Step 1 - Don't miss date night!
Vitamin C is known to strengthen your immunity, repair and protect your liver and start you thinking super clearly! 

Step 2 - Feel great...and hey you may even lose weight..
Glutathione is brilliant to brighten and lighten your skin, reduce puffiness and may even slow down ageing.

Step 3 - Chillax

Magnesium is the best way to reinvigorate your muscles and literally calm yourself down to enjoy the best night ever.

Take a break, chill out and relax because you deserve it! 


Glutathione, Magnesium and Vitamin C. 


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