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Winter Cleanse - add 2 Extra Days

Winter Cleanse - add 2 Extra Days

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£88.00 £110.00

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How Does It Work?


Weather is unpredicted and sometimes you are not in the mood for smoothies all day long. This is our Nosh different option to support and help detoxing your body during this winter.


It will help you to reset your cravings and reduce your appetite post the detox.


98% of our clients have lost a few kgs within a few days.

Why would you choose this detox package


- Perfect for cleansing your body of toxicity

- High energy levels (our juices contain fibre and pulp which takes longer for the body to breakdown),

- Can increase your metabolic rate,

- Eliminate waste material,

- Reduce sugar and carb cravings!


Items on sale cannot be combined with any other offer.

This item can only be purchased in combination with the 3 day or more Winter Cleanse programme.


1. How much water should I have per day? 
You need to have at least 2 litres per day. Water will help flush out toxins faster and will get you back on track to feeling amazing.
2. What can I drink on the detox?
No alcohol as your body is trying to detox! You can drink water, mint tea, herbal tea, hot water with or without lemon, black coffee (no milk, no sugar).


3. What happens if I get hungry?

These juices are very, very, filling as they are over 2kgs of fruit, veggies and supplements added.  But if you do get hungry drink some water first and then eat a raw vegetable like a carrot or cucumber with some salt. 
4. What do I do if I get a headache?
This is less common than you think. Start with more water. The second step is to add more salt to your system. Sprinkle some salt on a cucumber, celery, or carrot stick and eat that, it should help immediately.
5. Can I exercise whilst on the detox?
We do not recommend doing hard cardio on any detox. It is time for your body to rest and restore. However gentle exercise is SO good for you. By this we mean walking, cycling short distances, yoga, gentle stretching. This movement aids the detox and helps you to get your lymphatic system moving.
6. How long do they last?

As the products are freshly made and they can last up to 3 days in the fridge from when you receive them. We strongly suggest to freeze the ones you know you won't have within the 3 days.  
7. Can I freeze the juices?
Yes as all the food is freshly made just prior to delivery you can drink it for 3 days and then you can freeze any juice after that. Just remove from the freezer and pop into the fridge the day before and it should be ready to drink when you want it. Just shake them well before drinking it as fresh ingredients may separate.