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Feedback from Nosh Detox customers.

Zawe Ashton, Channel 4 – Fresh Meat

Day 3 & it’s tough but so loving waking up in the morning with a clear head and energy. Like the fact that I don’t need my alarm clock.


Georgia May Jagger

I absolutely loved my 3 day Juice Fast by Nosh Detox!



I thought that the 6 day program was really great and perfectly tailored to my needs. I work in the city so have early starts and late finishes and was slightly concerned that a. the smoothies wouldn’t get me through the long day, b. they might not all be quite as palatable as they looked and c, that I might have issues with deliveries as my timings for getting home from work can vary. I was really very pleasantly surprised as I wasn’t hungry at all during the program (although I did feel a little tired towards the middle) and the smoothies were without exception all absolutely delicious. In addition, unlike other experiences with deliveries in London, the smoothies all arrived in perfect time and in accordance with the delivery instructions and there were no issues at all. Seamless! I haven’t weighed myself as I don’t believe in this, but my stomach is flatter, I am a lot less bloated and my skin feels naturally brighter and cleaner. I am definitely feeling healthier.


Priya Thukral

I am on day 3 of the juice fast and all is going wonderfully. I am just drinking my Principle 1 of the day which is the coconut milk, pineapple, bananas etc etc — it is so delicious and really comforting — I wondered if it might be possible to include one again? It is super yummy!


Tina Devereux

I’ve enjoyed not having to think about what to eat and the luxury of the delivery system!


Gillie Turner, General Manager Hurlingham Clinic

I was General Manager at Champneys for many years and this is the best detox I have ever done. I lost 6lb. Even after an extremely busy week I was up early on the weekend and went through my day with a great deal of energy.


Gretchen Huestis

I think you and your company are just a fantastic source of good in the world!


A Wagner

I just want to say I thoroughly enjoyed my 9 days with Nosh. The food was delicious and varied and I was surprised that during this time I didn’t crave a single food item. I feel notably better and definitely trimmer as a result of this experience. I would happily recommend Nosh to anyone in need of a detox or to lose weight.


Sujita Patel

Was impressed at all the juices – very tasty and amazed at how all were different. Felt very energised and did lose 3kgs!! Please keep me informed of any more Groupon Voucher deals you do – have quite a few friends who are also interested after seeing how energized and good i felt. Said my skin was glowing!! Was a bit sceptical in the begining – but really enjoyed the energy i got from it!


Sarah Lock

I really enjoyed the detox box that came with the juices. The end of day bath salts helped to unwind at the end of the day. I really like that everything was prepared for you and the schedule made it very easy to following? I would highly recommend Nosh to others and would definitely do the detox again. I feel energised, lighter and happier. I have since been following the foods Nosh recommended post detox and have found it very easy to follow. Just wished I had done the fast longer than 5 days.


Natalie Musaphia

I enjoyed having a structured timetable so there was always something to look forward to. I loved the fact that I had baths for once! I’ve ordered some vitamins from you. Anyone who is not sure about starting a detox, just do it! You won’t regret it. One of the best things I’ve ever done and my attitude to food has totally changed for the better.


Catherine Pitchard, Natural Therapist

The colon cleanse is gentle yet effective, I would recommend it to everyone now that I have successfully tried it.


June Mahon

Thank you for my latest box. It’s brilliant. This programme suits me well!


Reem Batarseh:

Thank you Nosh Detox for being one of my favourite things during my stay in the UK! Loved every meal, felt healthier, lighter and ready to go back home❤.



“Wow, I haven’t felt this good in ages! I used to be super fit and mentally sharp”.

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