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A New Approach To Living Stress Free

Living a stress free life – what a dream!

Truth be told, the biggest hurdle of living a stress free life begins with your mind.

Think about the thoughts you have in your mind on a daily basis of how much you dislike something or how hard something is going to be before you even try it out.

I like to call these STORIES.

We tell ourselves stories like the following:

  • I don’t like doing that
  • That task is difficult
  • It’s going to take too long
  • It’s too hard to do

You’re already in a negative state about said thing before you even start to tackle it.

These stories create stress in your mind which results in stress in your body.

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know how much I preach about what stress does to your body.

It’s a ripple effect that can cause a lot of negativity around you and can even create disease within your body.

So, instead of telling yourself negative stories, why don’t you try and switch it up for a change.

I mean, what do you have to lose?

Next time you catch yourself saying something negative about a situation or something you need to do, try to flip that story right away.

Instead of “I don’t like doing that” try “I feel so good when this task is done, that’s why I enjoy doing it”.

Or instead of “That task is difficult” try “Doing this tasks makes my life easier in the long run”.

I’m curious, what’s a story you say to yourself often and how will you flip it?

Remember, the key to living stress free starts with your mind.

If this feel like an area where you struggle – let’s chat.

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