Ask The Nutritionist: Portion control

Ask The Nutritionist: Portion control

Q: My job requires me to eat on the go. I often eat at food buffets at hotels and restaurants and struggle to portion control, as I find that I am so hungry and pile food onto my plate. Is there a general guideline to stick to? Tim S.

A: An increase in your portion sizes can raise your daily calorie intake as much as 148 calories per day if you are eating out or at hotel buffets, which theoretically works out to an extra 15lbs every year.

Tips to control your portions:

* Choose a small side plate for your protein and carbohydrate choice. The protein portion size should be no bigger than your palm of your hand and carbohydrate should be no bigger than your fist. Avoid sauces and dressings as they add extra calories and are high in refined oils.

* The large plate can be used for salad and steamed vegetables and should be more in content than your protein and carbohydrate plate. A teaspoon of olive oil may be drizzled over salad and fresh lemon squeezed over as a healthy dressing.

* Ordering in restaurants stick to steamed or grilled protein choices- avoid sauces that may contain sugar, high amounts of salt and refined oils. Avoid deep fried and opt for salad and steamed vegetable sides. Keep your options simple where recipes have a few ingredients. Your main carbohydrates should be consumed at lunch and dinner keep it light with just salad or vegetable stir-fry's. Be kind to your body and eat slowly, enjoying your meal.