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What do you expect Time after Time?

I am often asked 'Why' do I do what I do? And for those of you that are new, that's even more relevant. I've had a very traditional life and was defined by the fact that I was a Corporate lawyer.

My son fell ill as a young baby and spending the next 260 odd days out of the next 365 in hospital totally changed my life/thoughts/behaviour. I went from someone who couldn't cook to someone who understood clearly and utterly that: 'If you let me choose what goes in your mouth - I can help you choose what you think.'

So when it came to deciding what I would do with the rest of my life, I chose what I knew- health creation.

What do I believe? Good health is a choice I make each and every day.

How do we achieve it? In as few steps as possible. :) My sole aim is to make it fast, effective, efficient at every step.

When did I last see a Doctor? Hmm, I was thinking about this the other day and at last count, it was about 4 years ago. 

Am I really annoying and super freak Healthy? Umm, don't tell anyone but (no). I totally LOVE cake/chocolate/crisps. :(

Is illness inevitable? Yes, for some people because of the choices they make. And no, not for some people, because of the choices they make. It's really a question of Time. What choices have you made time and time again?

Where does it all start? In your head, with what you think, feel and expect out of life. Do the exercise below and see what comes up for you?


Looking Back and Forward in Time

Try a little exercise to see where you 'place' your happiness. Test after test has shown that people have perceptions about where they 'see' happiness in their lives and where they 'see' sadness.

Try this as an exercise. Take yourself 12 years back and remember an image - anything. On a scale of 1-5 (1=low and 5 high) where is your energy? Then wait a bit..................

Take yourself 12 years forward and think of an image. Again give it a number. Now, where did the sadder image occur? In your past, or in the future? And where did the happier image take place? In your past, or in the future?

For the majority of us it works like this: Positive = Future Negative = Past Why does it matter? Because when you are in the present moment, you still have these strings going to what you are trying to accomplish in the future because of what you have experienced in the past. It touches everything you think and do whether you are conscious of it or not. Look how easily you called up those images? You will be using them to qualify and filter your reactions to everything you do today and in the future.

SO WHAT? So, to move forward faster, smoother, easier - let go of the past. It happened. You already lived it. So you have no need to repeat it. Now let it go. Forever.

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