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What is Baobab – The Super Fruit from ‘The Tree of Life’.

Baobab Tree - Blog by Nosh Detox

In a dry and arid climate where little plantation can thrive stands the baobab tree. This tree that has been a symbol of life in the African landscape for more than 200 million years and has been at the heart of many traditional remedies and folklore.

This amazing super fruit dries in the baobab trees for around 6 months and is only ripe and ready once it’s fallen from the tree, otherwise, it’s not quite ripe enough to consume and can be a little too bitter.

Once fallen, they’re collected, traditionally by woman chanting ‘The Tree of Life’ in African. The fruit is then taken away and broken into. 

Inside this coconut-like shell contains a dry white pulp of the fruit which contains no moisture. The pulp is then sieved to produce a natural and organic powder that can be sprinkled, stirred, baked or blended into your favorite foods and much-loved recipes.  

Now, you’re probably thinking what does Baobab taste like?  

Baobab Tea Recipes by Nosh Detox
Well, the baobab is quite unusual yet completely delicious, it’s quite sweet and citrusy – often referred to and described as sherbet.

Top Tip: Baobab Powder makes extremely good tea! Find our Super Baobab Brew Recipes Here:

But what makes the baobab different to other superfoods on the market? What makes it so different, what properties does it have?

Baobab powder is a rich and high source of Vitamin C which contributes to a ‘normal’ release in energy, can help strengthen your immunity and leave you with radiant, glowing skin.


Baobab is about 50% fiber making it a part insoluble and part soluble, a powerful prebiotic that contains more antioxidants than any other whole fruit. 

Our bodies can also absorb the nutrients more easily, ensuring a greater uptake in natural vitamins and minerals the baobab contains.

It also has a super long shelf life of around 3 years and contains no additives or preservatives. Which makes it Natural, Organic, Safe and Healthy (or NOSH for short) for human consumption and long-term use (Just keep in mind all superfoods should be consumed as part of a balanced diet).

Discover more of Baobab’s benefits here in our handy infographic ‘Baobab Benefits’.

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